Selling Bird Control Projects Properly

Posted by Bird Barrier on Jan 25, 2023 3:08:43 PM


Selling Bird Control

Projects Properly



The bird control industry is projected to grow at a 6% rate in 2023. The sale techniques listed below have a proven track record and are followed by many of our most seasoned Bird Barrier Certified installers.


Key Sales Tips:


Use SEO and inform your existing customers you are certified.

It is critical to let your customers know that you are specializing in birds. There are many amateur attempts at solving birds. Becoming certified trained and letting customers know that you are trained is very important to the sale. Make sure you build this into your website and digital presence through Search Engine Optimization (SEO).


Follow-up immediately

After you have proposed a bird control solution in-person, you are often just half-way done with the sale. Many customers will gather more info to verify your proposed solution and then search for less expensive methods. It is critical that you follow-up immediately and help them through this process as a consultant. Focus on removing any objections that they bring up until you close the deal. 


Deal with decision makers

Solving a bird control problem is often delegated to someone who knows nothing about pest situations. Upper management will let someone on the team less critical gather information and then report back and have senior manager make final decisions. The most successful people in bird control sales will align with the middle-level person and approach the final decision-makers together as a team. Always try to do this whenever possible.


Understand pricing thresholds.

To base your proposal on function only without regard to understanding the economics behind your customer situation is a mistake. You must get a feel and understanding for the operation of the business and what their budget is. One company may easily spend $100,000 in a heartbeat while another can't afford $1,000 for anything.You need to develop an ability to read the situation appropriately and learn what the value of the solution would be to your specific customer need


Listening is the most important skill.

In the sales process it is important to ask open-ended questions that cannot be answered with a yes or no. Open-ended questions cause the customer to tell stories and elaborate. A successful salesperson will do this and then listen intently to every detail to gain valuable details about the situation. Seventy percent of the talking should be from the customer.


Test areas sell jobs!

Whether it is previous failure or just general skepticism, customers often doubt that a problem can really be solved. Whenever there is a large project to be done with big numbers, break the job into smaller test areas first to prove efficacy. Especially on large budget jobs, this can make a huge difference to the end customer. Spending a lot of money and having it fail and not bring value is a serious problem. Providing tests first with video proof and other testimonial sources can help sell the bigger job down the road and gain a long-term customer.


We offer all our PMP professionals in-depth training modules, including one that specializes in selling bird control projects. It is part of our certified installer program. Watch the video on the Bird Barrier America Channel on YouTube (link). Or if you are not currently a Bird Barrier Certified Installer, sign-up for our free online course at


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