4 Reasons to Choose Bird-Friendly Bird Control Approaches

Posted by Bird Barrier on Apr 5, 2021 11:30:00 AM

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From tamping down the insect population to helping disperse seeds and keep the forest cycle thriving, birds accomplish wonderful things for our world. When we enjoy especially bright flowers in spring and bountiful harvests in the fall, we should thank the birds for their part in keeping a large part of the world's cycles working as they should, even though many birds can be considered pests. In fact, more than 900 bird species worldwide are active pollinators, keeping various plant species thriving as a direct result of their daily habits and migratory cycles. 

Unfortunately, birds are dying at alarming rates, with 72 million birds dying every year from ingesting pesticides alone. If we're going to coexist with a healthy bird population, we're going to want to maintain bird-friendly bird control approaches that keep our homes and businesses safe while still allowing our winged friends to survive and thrive. 

4 Reasons Why Bird-Friendly Bird Control Approaches Are the Best Strategy 

Perhaps you want to keep your home, back garden, business, or property safe from birds. You have come to see them more as a nuisance than anything else. So you're ready to try anything to keep the birds away, no matter the method or cost. 

Are you still on the fence about the need for bird-friendly bird control options? Here are a few good reasons to consider giving them a try:

Reason 1: These methods help you guard your property value. 

Many issues factor into overall fluctuations in property value. But the basic rule of thumb is that a home or building that is well-built must be well-maintained in order to retain its intrinsic value.

Unfortunately, once birds start coming around, settling in, and building their nests, their continued visits can result in cumulative damage to homes, properties, and industrial centers. Here’s how:

  • Bird droppings contain an acid that can actually break down the paint, wood, stone, or metal of your structure. Over time, this can lead to leaks, which in turn cause higher rates of damage. 
  • Birds can find their way into warehouses, shopping malls, schools, and barns. They cause serious damage not only to the structures themselves but also to the foods, materials, and goods being stored there. In addition, birds can carry diseases. A commercial business that becomes infested with birds can face a mandatory shut-down until the problem is dealt with, leading to further revenue losses. 
  • Birds nesting in and around expensive HVAC equipment can lead to interrupted service and major repairs down the road.
  • Birds have even been known to start fires and wreak other types of havoc.

With bird-friendly bird control strategies in place, however, you'll be able to protect your home, business, or property from potential losses.

Best of all, you'll be able to do so without harming any birds in the process. 


Reason 2: These methods are generally affordable.

Decoy owl in a residential garden

Repairing property damage as a result of an influx of birds can prove expensive. But bird-friendly bird control measures are generally affordable to install and maintain. 

Simple products such as visual bird deterrents can be put in place for low one-time fees ranging anywhere from several dollars to several hundred dollars. These include:

  • • Scare Owls: Stationary plastic owls frighten away smaller birds. 
  • • Goose Guard Kits: These life-like decoys fixed in an "agony" position deter other birds from settling where they believe a predator may be nearby.
  • • Scare Eye Balloons: A bright, eye-catching balloon in the shape of an eye convinces birds they're being watched, deterring them from landing and settling in. 
  • • Fly Away Lasers: These have an effective range of one mile and are ideal for protecting large swaths of property from an incursion of birds. 

Different products will naturally vary in the scope of what they can accomplish. Bird-friendly bird control devices such as these put safe and effective bird control within reach of any budget.   

Reason 3: These methods work! (Just differently.)

Is your main goal is to reduce the bird population around your property? If so, there are certainly many options available to you.

Some methods help you get rid of nuisance birds for a short time (such as chemical-based bird repellents). But they will lose their potency over time. This requires you to constantly re-apply them to achieve the same levels of effectiveness. Naturally, environmental factors such as the weather play a part in this, as well. Heavy rains, high humidity levels, and other fluctuations can create varying outcomes. 

Rather than relying on such fickle methods, the better long-term strategy is to repel or relocate birds through bird-friendly control methods instead.

Reason 4: These methods will help us protect ourselves and the bird population.

Sure, birds can be pesky, particularly when they encroach on what we consider our spaces. They love to eat the seeds from our gardens. They also leave droppings on our front stoops and create unsightly messes along rooftops and ledges. Left undeterred, birds can cause chaos and damage that will cost a small fortune to deal with.

Given the right circumstances, however, birds can prove an absolutely stunning addition to our environment. Witnessing seagulls dive into the foam of an ocean wave, hearing the clear call of a whippoorwill across the forest, or spying the bright splash of a cardinal against an otherwise bleak winter landscape can do wonders for the heart and soul. 

And the fact is, we need birds. As we discussed above, birds are critical members of our global ecosystem. They help keep our planet running the way it should. 

In short, we need birds to stay healthy so that we can stay healthy:

Experiencing nature can improve physical health and decrease stress, with benefits for recovery after surgery, test-taking performance, and workplace satisfaction. In fact, listening to bird songs and calls can help improve a person's mood and attention. (3 Billion Birds)

Fortunately, we don't have to choose between safeguarding our property and ensuring the ongoing survival of the global bird population. 

Seeking Bird-Friendly Bird Control Methods

As you seek bird-friendly bird control methods, always be aware that the industry is constantly developing. As products and services continue to grow, so will your options for keeping your property safe and clean without harming birds in the process. 

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