4 Signs of Bad Bird Control for Property Managers

Posted by Bird Barrier on Apr 26, 2021 11:30:00 AM

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As a property manager, you have a lot of things to worry about. Pests may be on your mind, but you probably most often think of bugs and rodents. While those pests can certainly be a problem, birds shouldn’t be overlooked. Birds can cause damage and pose a threat to your tenants' health, so it's vital to be aware of this issue. But how can you tell if birds are causing a problem on your property? Read on to learn more about the signs of poor bird control for property managers.

4 Signs of Poor Bird Control for Property Managers

The damage from rodents and insects is often easily identifiable. They chew wires and walls and can wreak havoc on the structural components of buildings. But the problems that birds cause aren't always noticeable. So they may sometimes get ignored until they cause a serious issue. As a property manager, you are responsible for your building's safety, which includes taking care of anything that may pose a health risk. 

Though bird infestations can be insidious, ignoring them will cost you in the long run. There are a few clear signs of bird infestations that you must be on the lookout for. Here are four signs of poor bird control. 

1. Droppings

Perhaps the most dangerous sign of poor bird control for property managers is a large amount of bird droppings. These droppings look unattractive and can smell foul, but they cause more than aesthetic problems. Bird droppings carry dangerous pathogens like salmonella. When these droppings dry out, they break down into small particles that may become airborne. This means that people on your property may be breathing in bird droppings, which can cause serious respiratory problems. 

In addition, bird droppings are acidic and can cause damage to wood, metal, stone, roofing tar, and paint if they aren't cleaned up promptly. If too many birds decide to use a surface like a sidewalk as their toilet, the area can become a slipping hazard. Bird droppings undoubtedly cause problems for the health and safety of your tenants and should be dealt with right away. 

2. Nesting Sites

Birds will cause damage to buildings in order to build their nesting sites. They can easily clog up chimneys, gutters, or drainage pipes. If a bird builds a nest that blocks a chimney, it may cause harmful gases like carbon monoxide to build up within the building or even cause a fire. Also, if birds clog up drainage pipes or gutters, those systems won't be able to carry water away from the building's foundation. This may cause leaks, flooding, and water damage. 

If you notice nesting sites in these places on your property, they may already be causing problems that you're unaware of. It's also important to remember that nests are often made of flammable materials that can alight during hot, dry weather. Remove nesting materials as soon as possible and check for any water damage. 

3. Territorial Behavior

Mothers of all species can be aggressive when it comes to protecting their young, and birds are no different. Birds can be extremely territorial. This behavior can appear at any time but can be particularly problematic during nesting season. When a bird senses a threat to their home or their babies, they may attack. They will target people, pets, or any creature that gets too close to their nests. While bird attacks rarely result in serious injury, it can be bothersome to have birds swooping at you any time you go outside. 

Territorial bird behavior is definitely a sign that the birds are a problem on your property. Also, birds themselves, not just their droppings, carry harmful viral, fungal, and bacterial diseases and parasites. If a bird attacks someone on your property and they get sick as a result, you may have a legal issue on your hands. 

4. Noise Issues

There's no denying that birds can be loud. Everyone has woken up to noisy birds early in the morning. Baby birds will cry at all hours of the day and night. Bird infestations can cause a serious noise problem. While this may not result in physical damage or safety problems, no one wants to occupy a constantly noisy space. 

The Cost of Ignoring Bird Problems

When a property manager has poor bird control on their property and chooses to ignore it, the consequences can be dire. Since birds carry disease and cause damage, they can cause health and safety risks. Bird droppings alone can cause millions of dollars worth of damage every year, and there have been cases of lawsuits against property managers when accidents occur due to negligence. Before you push off taking care of that bird problem for another week or month, realize that it won't go away on its own, and you'll have to pay the price in the long run. 

Next Steps in Handling Bird Control for Property Managers

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If a tenant brings up a bird problem, you can take some immediate steps to take control of your bird problem. First, do your best to eliminate food sources and nesting sites. When birds can't find things to eat or places to build their homes, your property will be less attractive to them. Get into the mindset of a bird. What were they looking for when they chose your property as home? Maybe there are some great places to roost with a regular water source nearby. Maybe there are some perfect ledges, nooks, and crannies for their nests. Block off these areas if you can. 

Whatever is causing your bird problem, it must be dealt with to protect your investment and your tenants. There are plenty of products on the market that you can use to deter birds, like bird netting, bird spikes, bird deterrents, and bird repellents. If you're looking for the best products and services for bird control for property managers, contact us to learn how the team at Bird Barrier can help. We have nearly two decades of bird control expertise that we can use to help you take care of your bird problems once and for all. 

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