8 Warehouse Bird Control Tips

Posted by Bird Barrier on Oct 12, 2020 11:30:00 AM

Pigeons on a rafter inside a warehouse

Each year, warehouse owners are forced to spend thousands of dollars to clean after the mess made by urban pest birds. Pest birds like gulls, crows, and pigeons use warehouse surfaces to land, roost, and build their nests. Bird feces cause a lot of damage to the building materials as they have acidic elements that quickly erode building materials. They also carry up to 60 transmissible diseases that pose serious health risks to warehouse workers. Additionally, bird droppings contaminate production lines and warehouse inventory. Bird nests can also clog the drainage system and pose fire risks in areas near lighting, besides causing flooding. To prevent infections and damage, warehouse owners need to deploy warehouse bird control systems to arrest the problem before it gets out of hand.

If you are currently experiencing a bird problem in your warehouse, take the following proactive warehouse bird control measures.

1. Use Bird Netting

Ideal bird netting products provide an immediate and functional solution to rid your warehouse of pest bird problems. Once installed in the appropriate warehouse sections, the nets will prevent the birds from roosting and nesting in their favorite areas. Pest birds have popular nesting and roosting spots that act as their ''home'' inside your warehouse.

The netting will deny the pesky birds entry and force them to move to another location. Most types of bird netting are highly durable and offer long-term value. They are also eco-friendly, as they offer bird control solutions without harming the birds or the environment.

2. Install Bird Shock Devices

Bird shock devices offer humane solutions to shoo birds away from your warehouse. They also help change the bird's behavior, so they will no longer view your warehouse as an ideal place to nest and roost. Although they sound dangerous, bird shock devices are actually harmless forms of warehouse bird control. When the bird steps on the electric conductor, it receives an unpleasant but harmless shock that forces it to fly away.

Typically, the electric conductors are planted into flexible plastic tracks. When the birds come into contact with them, the tracks emit a shock powerful enough to make the birds scram. These shock devices are ideal for any bird pressure area, including ledges, beams, windows, pipes, and parapets.

3. Bird Repellent

Bird repellent gels prevent birds from landing or perching on surfaces where they have been applied. The gels work by irritating the bird's feet so that they avoid stepping on the area. The ideal gel should not harm the bird but rather irritate them by sticking to their feet. If used correctly, bird repellents offer an effective and affordable way to rid your warehouse of pesky birds.

However, you should keep in mind that bird repellent products work better with bigger birds than smaller ones. Therefore, it would be best if you researched the kinds of birds giving you sleepless nights to determine whether or not the gel will be effective in deterring them.

4. Use Light Beams That Reflect Light

Light beams produce a huge visible point of light that scares away problematic birds in your warehouse. Birds typically associate the light with predator-like behavior. When exposed to the light pattern, they sense danger and take flight.

The ideal bird laser should produce a wide beam covering most of the places where birds infest in your warehouse. Green beams offer better results than other light-based warehouse bird control tools. Bird lasers will come in handy in situations where it is a challenge to use other, more invasive deterrent methods.

Light beams are especially useful if you’re trying to prevent birds from roosting on warehouses or barns close to airport terminals. To get the desired results when using this method, strive to treat the roosting sites at dusk and dawn repeatedly. This will give enough time for the birds to find alternative homes. You should also remember that diurnal birds are incredibly unlikely to flee a roost area in full darkness, no matter what you do.

5. Use Bird Slides

You can also use ideal bird slides as an additional form of warehouse bird control to deter unwanted nesting and roosting birds inside your warehouse. Bird slides prevent pest birds from perching on their favorite ledges by blocking total access to these spots. Because the slides create a 45-degree angle on the ledges, the birds will not gain a foothold at all.

One great advantage of bird slides is that they work against all species of birds, both small and big. For swallow control, install the bird slide upside down underneath the eaves to cut off the angle that swallows often pass through. 

Slides are also very discreet and nearly invisible to the birds. They are made from highly durable materials that protect the building from bird problems for over five years. When installing them, check your color to ensure they blend in perfectly with other architectural details of your property.

6. Install Bird Mesh on Solar Panel Kits

Birds perching on and under solar panels

Bird feces can wreak havoc on your warehouse solar panels. Typically, solar panels provide nice shady spots that protect birds from weather elements. This creates tempting homes for pest birds. Pigeons that nest on your solar panel installations can cause irreparable damage to the system. You should prioritize ideal warehouse bird control solutions for keeping birds out of your solar system as early as possible. You can use bird mesh as an effective and easy solution for keeping the birds away.

Bird mesh is designed to seal the area under the solar panels by clipping directly to the structure and running around the edges of the panels. This way, the birds cannot easily access the shady spots.

7. Use Bird Traps

Some warehouse bird control measures like bird proofing or bird netting will be more effective if most birds are removed first by trapping. If a colony of pigeons is roosting or feeding in an isolated area, you can use an ideal trap as an effective control tactic. The appropriate traps should capture the birds without harming them. These traps have a one-way entrance. Once pigeons push the door in to feed on the trap feed, they automatically get trapped inside.

You can place the traps on the birds' favorite feeding areas or in places where they love to roost or loft. Once you have trapped the birds, release them safely outside your warehouse. Remember, regulations for trapping birds vary from state to state, and you should consult your state's wildlife office before you begin the trapping.

8. Use Audio Devices

You can also use ideal low profile audio devices that use ultrasonic sound waves. These sounds are silent to humans but high pitched and irritating to the birds. The emitted sounds annoy the pest birds so much that they force the birds to fly away from the target area. These devices are ideal for effective control of pigeons, crows, blackbirds, sparrows, starlings, ducks, gulls, and other bird species. They even work on bats.

Key Takeaways for Warehouse Bird Control

Once you have confirmed bird activity in your warehouse, it is time to take appropriate action. However, before you move forward with an ideal warehouse bird control solution enumerated above, it is important to familiarize yourself with the Migratory Bird Treaty Act that protects certain species of birds. If your warehouse is infested with protected species of birds, then consult local and state authorities for guidelines on how to get rid of them. If you have a bird problem and you need practical solutions, contact us today. We provide a range of solutions for all your warehouse bird problems. 

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