Bird Control for Business Signs: Is Netting or Optical Gel Better?

Posted by Bird Barrier on Jan 10, 2022 11:00:00 AM

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Business signs don't come cheap. They're designed to be noticed and provide an attractive logo for the businesses of your commercial customers. Unfortunately, they're also a great nesting spot for a variety of bird species. When birds nest in signs, those signs quickly lose their curb appeal and can even be permanently damaged. Most importantly to the customer, the brand image represented on the sign is greatly impacted with a negative message. If you're in the bird control business for any amount of time, you're likely to face the challenge of deciding what method of bird control for business signs works best. 

Learning about the bird control products most widely used for business signs and why one choice might be preferable can help you make the right choice every time.

Types of Bird Control for Business Signs

While there are many different deterrents available, not all bird control options are ideal for business signs. Your customers need a solution that's as attractive as it is effective. This means you need a low-profile fix that will work for all types of birds. There are three main options for bird control for business signs:

1. Optical Gel

A multi-sensory bird repellent that deters birds using sight, smell, and touch, Optical Gel is a widely popular product to use on business signs. Optical Gel is great for signs because it's practically invisible, all-natural, and easy to install. The dishes are only 2-1/2 inches in diameter and 1/4 inch tall. They are installed with glue, affixed magnetically, or zip-tied, and they last between two and four years. 

All bird species are deterred from Optical Gel because it works on all of the senses. The appearance of the dishes resembles fire and smoke to birds. They dislike the strong smell of citronella, and the gel is sticky if they actually get close enough to land. For many types of business signs, Optical Gel is a perfect solution.

2. Bird-Shock Flex-Track

Also low-profile and nearly invisible from the ground, using an electrified track system, like Bird-Shock Flex-Track, attached permanently will keep the sign free of birds and droppings for years. These systems can be powered using solar or direct plug-into standard 110v outlets.

3. Bird Netting

An exclusionary bird control product, bird netting provides a way to keep out all species of birds. While there are different sizes of StealthNet available, a ¾-inch bird netting is the best size for protecting business signs. This will allow your clients to exclude all birds (even hummingbirds) from nesting in or around signs or letters of any size.

Bird netting is extremely effective simply because birds can't fit into the spaces to reach the area you're protecting. Made of polyethylene twine and stainless steel installation hardware, bird netting has the advantage of lasting for ten years. It is practically invisible in most situations and will not rot or absorb water. However, installation is a little more involved. It requires attaching the netting to a pre-installed cable system.

How to Choose Between Optical Gel and Netting Options as Bird Control for Business Signs

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Signs come in many types, shapes, and sizes. They can be difficult to access and may require specialized equipment for bird control experts to properly install deterrents and maintain safety. Making the right bird control choice can mean the difference between dealing with a difficult install frequently or a successful solution that eliminates bird issues for years. 

When choosing between Optical Gel and StealthNet for business signs, you'll need to consider the type of sign and location. If you're unsure of the parameters and don't plan to make an observatory visit, don't be afraid to ask the customer for pictures. 

While either product can act as ideal bird control for business signs, it helps to take these factors into consideration when making your choice:


Some signs are right against the wall; others are installed on framing. While either product can help protect both of these sign types, businesses often prefer netting for complicated installations. Optical Gel comes with a metal wrap that can form to match letter and signage shapes. But a complex framework can offer too many surfaces for the gel, making it an impractical option. When you're facing this type of framing, Stealthnet is usually the best option. Always consider the dangers associated with a complicated install. Weigh the benefits of a longer-lasting product compared to a product that offers easier installation.


A tightly shaped sign with wording embossed on a rectangle or square can be easily treated with bird control products. When this type of sign is mounted on a building front, Optical Gel will probably provide the easiest solution and can be replaced when necessary without difficulty. However, a neatly shaped sign can be more difficult to protect when mounted on a complicated framing system. 

Many signs composed of individual letters have a variety of cubbies for nesting birds. These signs can make it more difficult to apply complete bird control coverage. Since Optical Gel dishes are small, they can easily adhere to a variety of surfaces. Simply remember to address all of the areas (like spaces provided in letters like O, U, G, J, and A) where birds might nest. However, if the letters are mounted on a complicated framing system or are particularly difficult to cover adequately, StealthNet might provide a more thorough solution. Also, it won't require replacement for a decade.


People design business signs to get as much visibility as possible. For this reason, the signs are often elevated on poles or large buildings. While you can expect to use equipment to reach all signs, placing the product on a storefront sign will be significantly easier than tackling a billboard. For signs that are extremely hard to access or require you to rent special equipment (like a lift), netting will provide a longer-lasting solution. In most situations with complex installation, netting will save you time and your customers money in the long run.

Optical Gel, Bird-Shock Flex-Track, and StealthNet are both excellent options of bird control for business signs. (Note Regarding Bird Spikes: As of 2017, the International Sign Association, (ISA) has determined that bird spikes on signage should be avoided in every possible situation when it comes to brand protection. Although spikes are easy to install, they often do more harm than good.) They can keep all species of birds away from business signs while maintaining the sign's appearance. For most installation experts, the choice will come down to preference and the difficulty of installation. To learn more about choosing the right bird control product for specific installation situations, contact the bird control experts at Bird Barrier. Our friendly team can help you choose products, learn more about installation, or help you enroll in live training courses.

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