Bird Exclusion vs. Bird Deterrents: What You Need to Know

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Bird spikes lining the interior of a wooden roof

Birds cause millions of dollars worth of property damage each year. They can nest on roofs or in gutters, destroy gardens or yards, and spread disease, not to mention the noise problem they create and the droppings they leave behind. If you have had issues with birds on your property and would like to solve the problem once and for all, you have options. If you've heard about bird exclusion and bird deterrent, you may be wondering what the difference is and how you can use these options to your advantage. Read on to learn more about bird exclusion vs. bird deterrents and which may be right for you.

Why Use Bird Control?

Before we strive to understand the differences between bird exclusion vs. bird deterrents, it's important to first clarify a few things. Both bird deterrents and bird exclusion are forms of bird control that home and property owners can use to protect their land and buildings. There are many instances where bird control might help.

For example, if birds nest in certain areas or roost on your roof, you may want to prevent them from getting there. Alternatively, if you have a garden, farm, or yard and want to keep birds from attacking crops, destroying plants, or eating your harvest, you may want to use bird control to protect these areas. When birds gather, they can leave a mess behind, which may pose a risk to the residents of that property.

When birds start causing problems, they can be notoriously difficult to get rid of. But you want to be sure to remove them in a way that doesn't harm the environment or the birds themselves. This is why it's so important to understand the different methods of bird control. Attack the problem systematically so that you can get the best results.

What Is Bird Exclusion?

If you are currently facing a bird infestation, it’s time to weigh bird exclusion vs. bird deterrents. You'll probably first want to look into bird exclusion methods. Bird exclusion involves creating areas that birds cannot access by installing a physical barrier. Excluding birds from a certain area will prevent them from returning there to nest. Exclusion is a practice that's best used for nests that already exist.

When you make nesting areas inaccessible to birds, they won't return during subsequent nesting seasons to build their homes. In addition, bird exclusion can keep birds from gathering in certain areas or roosting, which should help to take care of your current bird infestation.

What Are Examples of Bird Exclusion?

Bird netting keep birds away from crops

One of the easiest and most effective forms of bird exclusion is bird netting. Bird netting is a fine mesh net that can make it impossible for birds to access areas where they may want to build their nests. For example, you can add bird netting over open areas of a barn to prevent them from getting inside. You can also drape bird netting over crops to prevent birds from eating them. Bird netting is a cost-effective and easy-to-install method of bird exclusion.

Another bird exclusion product is perfect for people who have had problems with birds nesting beneath solar panels. These difficult-to-access spaces seem safe and cozy to birds. But it's hard to remove birds and other critters once they make themselves at home. When installed correctly, though, these exclusion methods are 100% effective on all species of birds. They can also help to prevent other pests like squirrels and chipmunks.

What Are Bird Deterrents?

Bird deterrents, on the other hand, refer to devices that make areas unattractive to birds or focus on making the birds feel uncomfortable. As opposed to physically blocking a space off, bird deterrents are more about making a space seem unsafe or risky so that a bird won't go near the space in the first place. This can be a great way to prevent bird infestations in the future.

What Are Examples of Bird Deterrents?

Bird deterrents come in many forms. So it may take a little research to find out which is best for your problems. Here are some of the most common forms of bird deterrents:

Sound deterrents: Sound deterrents may replicate the sounds that predators make or may mimic the distress calls of other birds. These audio cues warn birds of potential danger, even when there is none. Placing speakers near where birds gather can keep them away for good. 

Visual deterrents: These types of deterrents can scare birds away for good by making them feel unsafe. Decoy owls, reflective balloons, laser lights, or holographic tape are some of the most popular types of visual deterrents. A bird won't go near these types of products, so place them anywhere you see birds starting to gather.

Taste and smell deterrents: You can place these deterrents on crops or plants that birds like to eat or in areas where birds gather. The smell or taste of these products is unattractive to birds, turning them away to look for food elsewhere.

Bird spikes: Though bird spikes may seem more like a bird exclusion method, they shouldn't be used with current bird infestations. Instead, place them along ledges where birds may roost to deter them from landing there.

These are just a few of the most popular bird deterrence methods that you can explore for your property.

Bird Exclusion vs. Bird Deterrents: Which Is Right for Me?

If you already have an active bird problem, you should look into bird exclusion methods. This will keep them from nesting and returning season after season to raise their families. If you simply want to prevent a potential infestation, use bird deterrents for the best results. These methods can make your property unattractive to birds in the first place. Then they won't invite themselves to live there.

Bird deterrence is great for any home or property owner if you think that birds could be a problem in the future. Just a bit of prevention can end up saving you from an expensive headache in the long run. For more information on bird control methods, contact us.

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