Common Bird Problems (and Solutions) for Homeowners and Businesses

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Birds can be graceful, majestic, and an absolute joy to watch. They can also be noisy, dirty, and a complete nuisance when they use your home or business for their home. Bird problems aren't something you think about until you have them. No matter what kind of bird issues you have, it can seem impossible to find a solution. Luckily solutions to bird problems at your home and business do exist. 

3 Common Bird Problems for Homeowners

If you're a bird lover, you may go out of your way to attract birds to your home. Unfortunately, even the most bird-loving resident can fall victim to nuisance birds. Common suggestions for nuisance birds may be to poison, trap, or shoot problem species. These "solutions" aren't really an option since practically all wild birds are protected by state and federal laws. Instead, you must find safe ways to deter birds or convince them to leave on their own. These are three common bird problems faced by homeowners.

1. Bird Droppings

It might not seem like a big deal until it happens at your home, but bird droppings can be a major issue. Where birds roost, they leave large piles of droppings. All too often, these droppings can be found in your yard, in your children's play area, or on your patio. This problem is more than gross; it can be dangerous to your family's health. Bird droppings are known to carry over 60 diseases that may affect the skin, respiratory system, and even the central nervous system. 


If you have birds nesting on your home or outdoor space, it's essential to find ways to discourage them from staying. There are a variety of deterrents that can help you convince your not so friendly bird neighbors to find another location. Consider these popular deterrents for bird problems at home.

  • Visual Bird Deterrents: Decoy owls and other predator decoys deter birds from nesting around your home. Reflective and holographic visual deterrents can make birds so uncomfortable they will leave and not return.
  • • Audio Deterrents: For homeowners without pets, an audio deterrent can repel birds and other unwanted pests like rodents and predator animals. Audio deterrents mimic bird distress calls or create frightening sounds to make trouble birds feel threatened.

2. Destruction to Gardens

Birds continually look for food sources around their new home. Your beautiful flowerbeds or bountiful vegetable garden can be a prime source of food for a variety of birds. This can mean destruction to your plants and droppings left in the soil. If bird control methods aren't utilized quickly, your garden could be destroyed before the season is over.


When the food source is planted in the ground, it can be difficult to move. This usually means you must find ways to protect your precious plants or use scare tactics to discourage the birds from hanging around. Visual deterrents that you can frequently move to mimic predator behavior are a great option to frighten these birds away from your plants and gardens.

3. Destruction to Your Home

Birds may seem harmless, but they can be very destructive. Birds nesting in your attic or garage leave various flammable debris that can be a fire hazard when it accumulates. They also leave droppings wherever they roost (even inside your home), and you can be breathing in toxins from these droppings without even realizing it. Some birds even cause roof and gutter damage from nesting habits and pecking and scratching behavior. This can lead to serious structural damage to your home.


Using deterrent solutions to scare away birds in your home is the best way to avoid these problems. There are a variety of techniques to prevent birds from gaining entry to your home or roosting on your roof and gutters. For example, optical gel is a multi-functional deterrent that is easy to install. Birds dislike the sight, smell, and feel of these discreet deterrents.

3 Common Bird Problems for Business Owners

Nuisance bird taking food from a restaurant table

When you own a business, you have to worry about the comfort of your customers. You're also stuck dealing with problem behavior from the public that attracts nuisance birds to your business property. Deterring or removing birds that create a problem in the areas surrounding your business is an essential part of keeping your business afloat. These are three common bird problems faced by business owners:

1. Building Damage

When birds roost in your commercial building, they can cause severe damage in a variety of ways. Where birds roost, they leave droppings. These droppings can damage your building by corroding paint, metal, and stone. Birds can also damage your roof by dislodging roof tiles, damaging insulation, and blocking gutters with nesting materials and droppings.


Deterrence methods are the best way to avoid damage to the outside of your commercial building. Spike kits can adhere to gutters, ledges, and rooftops to deter birds from roosting and nesting. Slides are used to protect ledges by creating a surface too steep for birds to grip. Bird wire also provides a discreet deterrent with a spring-tensioned wire system that creates an unstable landing surface.

2. Product Damage

Commercial buildings often make it easier for birds to get inside certain places. Large doors, ventilation points, and damaged roofs can provide birds with access to storage areas. This can mean big trouble for a variety of products. Stored dry goods like grain and flour can be accessed and eaten by birds or destroyed by their droppings. Common bird parasites from birds (like ticks, lice, and mites) can infest their nests and spread throughout your building. These pests even destroy textiles like clothing, carpets, and other fabrics.


Whether birds are already inside your building or you're hoping to prevent an infestation from coming indoors, there are solutions for deterring and removing birds. Try one of these solutions to take care of pesky birds inside your commercial building:

  • Stealth Net: This bird netting can be used for a variety of bird species. It's nearly invisible and very effective.
  • Mist Net Kits: Used to safely remove birds that are already inside your building, mist net kits are easy to use and very effective when used correctly.  
  •  Solar Panel Protection: These prevent birds from getting under solar panels and protect the equipment from damage. Solar panel protection provides unique protection for commercial buildings with solar panels.

3. Aggressive Behavior

Nesting birds and those with young can become aggressive toward people in the areas surrounding their nest. Aggressive birds will fly toward people and even peck them if they actually make contact. These dangerous actions aren't likely to be tolerated by your employees or customers. 


Early deterrence is key since it's practically impossible to remove nesting birds. You can use a variety of deterrence methods to prevent nesting birds from inhabiting the ledges, roofs, and gutters of your building.

Whether you're experiencing bird problems at your home or business, you don't have to keep suffering. With the right products and perseverance, you can take care of those pesky birds and the messes they leave behind. To learn more about how to deter and frighten away problem birds, get in touch with the bird control experts at Bird Barrier.

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