Do Visual Bird Deterrents Work?

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When trying to determine whether visual bird deterrents will provide a solution for pest birds at your home or business, many of our customers ask if visual deterrents work. The best answer is ‘sometimes.’ Visual bird deterrents are one of the most affordable bird control solutions for homes and businesses. They do work, but they aren't a solution for every situation, and they only work when used properly. 

This fact, along with some situations where visual deterrents are ineffective, gives many people the impression that these bird control solutions are basically useless. Learning the real facts about visual bird deterrents and how they provide useful bird control for both homes and businesses can help you decide if they're the right solution for you.

Why Visual Bird Deterrents Fail

It's true. Sometimes, visual bird deterrents don't solve the bird problems of homeowners or business owners who purchase them. There are several reasons this occurs. We can begin by considering the name of the product. There are several types of bird control products that exist to solve a variety of issues. 

You can frighten birds away with predatory decoys, bright lights, or colorful moving objects. If birds currently roost and nest in an area, they've already learned that it's safe. Visual deterrents weren't designed to eliminate an existing bird infestation. Assuming a bird control product will work for all situations is only the first mistake that causes failed bird control. 

These are the most common reasons bird deterrents fail:

  • Use in heavy bird pressure areas
  • Improper use that typically includes setting our a predator decoy and leaving it in the same place for long periods of time
  • The use of cheap products with no moving parts
  • Underestimating the determination of birds seeking a nesting spot
  • Poor behavior that encourages birds to return, like leaving food and water sources available

Using Visual Bird Deterrents Around Your Home

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Whether birds are munching on your garden, defacing your home, or leaving disease-riddled droppings on your patio, you need a bird control solution that will work. When used proactively, visual deterrents can eliminate your bird problem on their own or be used in conjunction with other products.

When to Use Visual Deterrents

If you're noticing a growth in the bird population surrounding your home, it's time to get ahead of a potential infestation. Before birds nest, they visit a desirable area multiple times to ensure it provides everything they need. When birds are new to the area, visual deterrents may be all that's needed to frighten them away.

How to Use Visual Deterrents

Before blaming the birds for trespassing on your property, you'll need to consider why they find your home so attractive. Birds seek spaces that are safe from predators and provide a steady supply of food and water. When you place visual deterrents around your home, eliminate temptations that will entice the birds to get close to your visual deterrents and test their effectiveness.

Many visual deterrents include motion actions to make them look more life-like. If you've chosen something that doesn't mimic movement, you should move it every few days in an attempt to convince birds that a real threat exists. These visual deterrents are often effective for home use:

  • Scare Owls: A rotating, screeching owl mimics a real natural bird predator.
  • Intimidator: Motion and bright, flashing lights are useful for deterring woodpeckers from homes.
  • Scare Eye Balloons: A two-foot balloon with moving streamers uses bright colors and eyes reminiscent of a predator to frighten birds away.

Using Visual Bird Deterrents Around Your Business

Commercial property owners have a lot to worry about. You're responsible for the appearance of your business and the safety of your employees, customers, and guests. A bird infestation can damage your building and threaten the health of people that use your property. It can cost you thousands of dollars and even lead to lawsuits. Keeping the situation under control is essential, and visual bird deterrents are a good place to start.

When Visual Bird Deterrents Are Most Effective on Commercial Properties

The use of visual deterrents on commercial property can be more difficult than using them at home. Often, it's necessary to provide public trash cans outdoors, and you can't control the actions of visitors to your property. When using visual bird deterrents on your commercial property, it's vital to start at the first sign of a problem.

How to Use Visual Bird Deterrents for Your Business

Prepare for the installation of visual deterrents by eliminating food and water sources as much as possible. For instance, make sure trash cans stay tightly covered and erect multiple signs to discourage customers from feeding birds. Be realistic in your expectations. Large commercial properties are more difficult to protect than your yard at home. Seek products designed for use in large areas and consider the possibility of using other products alongside visual deterrents early.

When searching for the right visual deterrents for your business, consider the atmosphere outdoors and the size of your building. Optical gel and reflective tape may be some of the most effective deterrents for buildings. However, if you have only a small area to protect, holographic guardian owls or predator decoys can be effective.

When to Use Additional Products Alongside Visual Deterrents

Visual deterrents can work alone to effectively frighten birds away from light bird pressure areas or locations that birds aren't accustomed to. However, if you have an ongoing bird problem, a full-blown infestation, or conditions you can't control, combining solutions is likely necessary. When the following situations occur, it's a good idea to combine other methods of bird control with visual deterrents:

  • You're responsible for bird control in a large commercial space.
  • You have difficulty keeping birds out of buildings.
  • You already have an existing bird infestation.
  • The visual deterrents aren't effective alone.
  • Visual deterrents frighten your pets.
  • You have a fixed bird attractant like a garden.

At first glance, visual bird deterrents can seem like a waste of time compared to other bird control products that are available. But, when used correctly, visual bird deterrents are a cost-effective solution for homes and businesses that may help you prevent the need for other solutions. With a variety of products available and the ability to use them alone or in conjunction with other bird control solutions, visual bird deterrents can be a powerful tool. Get in touch with the bird control experts at Bird Barrier to learn more about how you can use visual bird deterrents to protect your home or business from pest birds.

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