Bird Barrier America Announces First-Ever Master Class Certification

Posted by Bird Barrier on Oct 17, 2022 2:58:00 PM


(Boston, MA) – Bird Barrier America announced at PestWorld 2022, the Master Class Bird Control Certification which will commence in January 2023. The advanced course will offer technicians the opportunity to take their skills to the next level. Cameron Riddell, Bird Barrier’s president said, “After opening our new interactive ProL@bb training center this year and training so many technicians, we have been asked about teaching advanced techniques.” He continued, "It’s common for new and seasoned professionals to come across complex projects and seek guidance from our team of experts.

The Master Class Bird Control Certification will include a combination of hands on and theoretical exercises like advanced installation techniques, large project planning, building an efficient team, sales approaches for large and multi-faceted projects, and more.

Examples of the hands-on training include netting around vertical obstacles, designing 3D net jobs, solar panel exclusion on Spanish tiled roofs, protecting channel letters, securing heavy duty support cables to various substrates, and incorporating secondary protection on areas not protected by the primary repellents.

This special course was created for the professional installer who has experience in bird control and has taken other Bird Barrier training classes. Feedback from installers show a desire to elevate skills and learn pro techniques that will help them sell more challenging projects, be more efficient in their work, and successful in this competitive industry. 

 The new sessions will be starting in 2023 at the Bird Barrier headquarters in Los Angeles at the new ProL@bb training facility. Sign-ups for the January 19th and June 15th classes are available on the Bird Barrier website ( There are also plans to take these pro training classes to major bird control markets across the U.S. Information on dates and locations will be available in early 2023.

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