Flex Track for Bird Control: A Great Solution for Pest Birds

Posted by Bird Barrier on Sep 27, 2021 11:30:00 AM

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Birds can be a wonderful part of being outdoors, but they can also become pests that cause damage to homes and property, spread disease with their droppings, and disturb sleep with their mating calls. The most common type of pest birds are pigeons, house sparrows, and European Starlings. This guide will talk about how to deal with pest birds, how Flex Track offers a practical and easy solution, and how to install it quickly and safely.

Are Pest Birds That Dangerous?

Aside from the amount of money you need to spend to clean bird droppings off of your property, bird droppings can be even more dangerous if they are left in places where they are overlooked. Bird droppings are most disgusting but ironically safest when they're wet. However, when bird droppings dry, the spores can get into people's lungs and cause disease and respiratory problems.

If birds build a nest near a building's HVAC system, the spores from their waste can contaminate an entire building. This is a significant danger to the health of workers, but it will also cut down on the organization's efficiency as the building will need to be cleaned and fumigated. The key is to keep birds away from areas before they cause any harm. Deterrents like Flex Track for bird control work great in this regard.

What Is Flex Track?

Birds love to perch on ledges and are likely to build nests around where they roost. Flex Track is designed as a deterrent to stop pest birds from perching on ledges. Without the presence of birds on ledges, there are fewer chances they will build a nest. As a result, there are fewer chances of waste spores infecting a building through the roof. This will protect the health of your workers and improve the air quality of your entire building.

Flex Track is a low-profile electrified track that conforms to any architectural configuration. Flex-Track curves up and down and side to side. The stainless steel braid gently follows the UV-stabilized PVC base without wrinkling. Flex Track comes in 50-foot rolls.  Due to the nature of Flex Track, it can be used in any part of a building or home where problem birds have built nests. Flex Track acts as an excellent deterrent that keeps pest birds from damaging your property or spreading disease.

When Do You Use Flex Track for Bird Control?

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If birds roost on a ledge at night or rest during the day, it's a low to medium pressure situation. In low to medium pressure situations, either bird spikes or Flex Track is enough to keep pest birds away from your roof. In this situation, aesthetics are the actual consideration. If you're dealing with a parking garage, where aesthetics are not an issue, then bird spikes will work fine. If, however, you're dealing with a new high-rise office building where you want to maintain aesthetics, Flex Track blends into the environment and is still a powerful deterrent.

However, once a bird has built a nest in an area, the bird's presence becomes heavy pressure. In heavy pressure situations, bird spikes are not as effective. Birds will drop branches on them and disable the deterrent. Flex Track, however, is still a significant deterrent in heavy pressure situations. Birds also tend to create high pressure situations when the areas they are roosting in are under an overhang. Birds like areas out of the elements and bird spikes are not a good deterrent for these areas. We like to say, "Spikes don't work where the sun doesn't shine." In cases like this, Flex Track is a better solution.

How Does Flex Track Work?

No matter the size of the bird, Flex Track will deliver a humane shock to them when they attempt to perch on protected ledges. Much like shock collars on dogs, birds quickly learn to avoid those ledges. Flex Track for bird control is so effective because it gives an unpleasant jolt to the birds that they will remember but still looks natural on buildings and structures of all types. Safe for humans and an effective deterrent for birds, Flex Track for bird control is a perfect solution.

Is Flex Track Safe and Easy to Install?

If you can put together a model railroad, like you did when you were a kid, you can assemble Flex Track. It takes minimal electrical skills to put together, and both plug-in chargers and solar chargers are available for the unit. It's high voltage but low amp. So if you touch it, you'll feel it, but you aren't in danger of electrocution. The shock is humane and safe, and it won't do damage to you or the birds.

Our quick connector technology makes it easy to cause the Flex Track to make 90-degree turns, so you can completely protect the corner of buildings. It also makes it easy to add on more tracks if you need to add protection to areas at a later date. At only one-quarter of an inch high and available in five different colors, Flex Track is hard to see up close and invisible from a distance. Also, visitors can't see it if they look up from below. The intermittent shock is memorable but does not hurt the birds; it simply teaches them to stay away from the area long-term. This makes Flex Track for bird control a long-term solution.

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