How a Bird Deterrent Owl Can Protect Your Home, Business, or Property

Posted by Bird Barrier on Dec 14, 2020 11:30:00 AM

Bird deterrent owl guarding an electrical pole

Somehow mysterious, spooky, lovable, and terrifying all at once, owls are some of the most loved and hated birds on the planet. Both adored for their folksy reputation for wisdom and feared for their powerful predatory nature, owls seem to have cemented their place in the public imagination. Because they're predators, however, other birds rightly fear them. If you have been having issues keeping pesky birds from damaging your home and property, you can leverage this dynamic to your own advantage. By installing a bird deterrent owl decoy near your home or business, you can ward away other pesky birds.  

Why Not Just Keep a Real Owl on the Property?

In the same way that some people keep a guard dog on the property to protect against outside dangers, others have wondered why they can't just keep a pet owl on their properties to scare other unwanted birds away. Unfortunately, this is neither wise nor possible.

Though owls can be playful and intelligent, they do not make good pets. In fact, it's currently illegal to keep pet owls in the United States. Though there are multiple reasons behind this ordinance, a primary one is that owls are natural predators. As such, they can cause quite a bit of damage

“As meat eaters, owls are equipped with a beak and talons that are specifically designed for ripping and tearing chunks of meat ― and they are capable of doing quite a bit of damage to human owners if they become displeased for any reason. They are destructive and can easily rip apart anything you might have in their enclosure.” 

Though the threat to humans is low, it is real and can prove quite serious. In fact, one owl in the Netherlands attacked over fifty people, leaving them "bloody and bruised." 

Besides all that, owls are hard to care for and are very messy eaters. Fortunately, however, there's no need to keep a real owl on your property. You can leverage all the deterring power of a real owl by investing in a bird deterrent owl instead.     

Bird Deterrent Owls for Homeowners

Bird deterrent owl in a residential garden

If you're a homeowner seeking to deter some pesky birds from your property or garden while also looking to keep your costs low, consider installing Holographic Guardian Owls in any problem areas.

Named for the iridescent flash of its feather pattern, this plastic bird-scare guardian owl decoy may provide the simple, affordable fix you've been looking for. At sixteen inches tall and eight inches wide, this decoy makes for a great backyard bird repellent. For the best effect, be sure to add the Swivel Bracket Kit to create the illusion of motion!

In addition to backyards and gardens, these bird deterrent owls are great for protecting:

  • Orchards
  • Crops
  • Porches
  • Gazebos
  • Boats
  • Barns
  • Party tents
  • Swimming holes and pools

The installation process is quick and simple. You won't need to hire a professional or handyman to get the job done. Also, once it's in place, you'll never need to give this issue another thought. 

Bird Deterrent Owls for Public and Commercial Properties

The Holographic Guardian Owl mentioned above may do the trick for some smaller public and commercial properties. But many larger properties may require a more robust solution.

For them, we recommend our Screech Owl deterrent and our Rotating Owl deterrent. Both life-like dummy owl models are built to catch the eye. Also, because they rotate, their life-like quality only increases. Because they look so realistic, they've proven highly effective in scaring away bird pests. 

In addition, the Screech Owl comes with a bonus feature — as its name indicates, it is wired for sound. Our Screech Owl decoy can emit basic predator scare sounds like:

  • Birds in distress
  • Predator attack cries
  • Beating wings

The sight of the owl decoy in motion, combined with the programmed scare sounds, has a profound effect on other birds. Even better, what scares away smaller birds also affects other pesky small animals such as squirrels, rodents, and the like. With a rotating bird deterrent owl decoy in place, you'll be able to keep your property protected against accidental damage from unwanted pests for years to come. 

Knowing What You Need

While we're confident in the effectiveness of our bird deterrent owl decoys to protect your home or property against unwanted pests, we know that this solution might not be right for everyone. That's why we carry a full range of popular products designed to help you deal with unwanted bird issues. 

Finding the right option is more important than you might think.

According to the United States Department of Agriculture, resident Canadian geese in the States (as opposed to migratory visitors) have caused hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage in one New Jersey county alone:

“From this analysis, economists noted that annual damage costs in Union County could potentially be as high as $741,240 ($61.77 per bird at 12,000 birds) or as low as $80,320 ($20.08 per bird at 4,000 birds).”

Even if we settle on the low estimate, knowing that an individual goose can cause $20 worth of damage per year should motivate us to find practical solutions for the pesky bird damage issues in our own spheres.

If you suspect that a bird deterrent owl decoy is not the right solution for your issue, or if you have already tried one and it hasn't helped, do not despair. There are other products and solutions available. All you need to do is find the right one.

We Can Help

As you work to guard against potential adverse side effects of bird pests on your property, remember that the birds themselves are not your enemy. They are simply following their natural instincts. All we are trying to do is find a way to co-exist in the same world in a way that will allow both them and us to flourish. 

To hear more about keeping pesky birds away with a bird deterrent owl decoy, be sure to contact us

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