How to Keep Birds Out of the Garden — The Complete Guide

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Blackbird eating berries out of a garden

Birds are magnificent, fascinating creatures. However, those are not the words that come to mind when you witness them pillaging your garden. Regardless of their beauty, the damage they can do to your garden can be heartbreaking. Birds in your garden can be a serious problem, so it’s important to know how to keep birds out of the garden. They can destroy a vegetable crop, spread disease, leave copious droppings, and cause destruction and devaluation to your home. There is also the cost of repairs to consider. When you've poured a lot of hard work and cold cash into an environment you are proud of, it's almost impossible to stand idly by as a flock of feathers lays your work to waste.

Learning how to keep birds out of the garden doesn't have to be difficult. Fortunately, there are several easy ways to keep these flighted fiends from savaging your hard work. From organic wonder ingredients to effective new products, it's possible to stop those birds in their tracks.

How to Keep Birds Out of the Garden: Make Some Noise

Noise is one of the easiest ways to keep birds from getting too comfortable in your outdoor space. There are a variety of audio deterrents, ranging from DIY tactics to professional products with sounds made specifically to deter birds. Choose one of these noisy ideas to scare away any birds that want to hang around.

Pie Plate

Tie aluminum pie plates along a string. They should be close enough together to be able to clang against each other in the wind. String the plates across your garden space with two long twigs or stakes.

Kitchen Utensils

Twist bread ties around the handles of metal kitchen utensils such as spatulas and spoons. Then tie them to corner garden posts or tree limbs. They bang against themselves in the wind and scare away birds.

Audio Deterrent Products

Audio bird deterrents emit specific sounds designed to chase off birds. They produce sounds of distress that mimic the birds' own calls or sounds that startle and annoy them. When learning how to keep birds out of the garden, you'll want to determine the exact species of bird you’re battling. If you use a product that administers a sign of distress, such as the BirdXPeller Pro, then you'll want it to be from the same species of bird.

How to Keep Birds Out of the Garden: Scary Sights

Birds get creeped out just like any other animal. They see things that mean danger and head in the other direction. There are a lot of creative ideas and quick tricks to spook any potential bird visitors.


Scarecrows are the most well-known bird deterrent. They scare crows from the cornfields, but they can also scare robins and finches away from your vegetables. Make one yourself with old clothes and straw, and then top him off with a hat and gloves. Strap him to a pole, and you're in business.


Balloons with scary faces don't just freak out the kids. Birds don't like them either. It's even better if they are shiny, reflective Mylar balloons. Fly them at different heights throughout the garden. Place them in trees, as well as tied to rocks in the vegetable garden.

Snakes and Owls

Plastic snakes and owls are great deterrents. Place them in the limbs of your plants and on the nearby posts and stumps. They also work well in barn rafters and porch roofs. Birds believe they are the real thing and fly away quickly. But don't forget to move them around every few days to keep things realistic.

Reflective Tape

Stick reflective tape on the posts and structures surrounding your garden. The brilliant reflection scares birds off. You can also hang it from trees and stretch it across fencing. Another idea in the same vein is to use shiny toy pinwheels planted strategically in your garden.

Optical Gel

Optical gel works in three ways to divert birds from landing in your garden. 

  1. The dishes filled with gel resemble fire to a passing bird. They avoid it at all costs.
  2. It smells of peppermint and citronella, which birds hate. 
  3. It's sticky, which is another sensation birds hate.

How to Keep Birds Out of the Garden: Blockades and Barriers

Woman picking tomatoes from plants protected by bird netting

Birds are a great help with bugs and destructive pests, but they can cause plenty of damage, too. Not only do they eat all the delicious fruits of your labor, but they also love to nest in greenhouses and barn roofs, causing extensive damage. Sometimes putting up a barrier is the only way to stop them.


Birds are notorious pests to fruits trees and shrubs. Blackbirds, starlings, and cowbirds are especially destructive. Sturdy netting can help protect the precious fruits beneath. Netting can be draped over rows of plants or over an entire tree. Secure it around the base of the plants with twist ties. Netting can be harmful to birds, so it's important to know how to keep birds out of the garden with netting correctly.

Spikes and Wires

You can place spikes on structures that birds love to destroy, such as solar panels or outdoor signage. Place them close enough together so the birds can't land between them. Another option is wire. Strings of coiled wire deter birds from landing.

Chicken Wire

Chicken wire makes an effective barrier against birds. It is sturdy and holds its shape over delicate plants and shrubs. It also lasts several years, so it's a good investment. Accommodate plant growth by putting the chicken wire on posts or hoops.

How to Keep Birds Out of the Garden: Diversion Tactics

A diversionary tactic many gardeners employ is planting an alternative food source nearby. Plants such as wild cherries and mulberries lure birds away from your fruits and berries. This is especially effective when used with another deterrent such as an optical gel.

Birds are a necessary part of every garden. We'd be overrun with munching caterpillars and devouring worms without them — they provide a valuable service we cannot do without. But that doesn't mean we can afford the devastation they can wreak at harvest time.

Knowing how to keep birds out of the garden means knowing what works for your particular situation. The more you understand about the birds' natural habits, the more prepared you'll be. Determine the type of bird and the feeding habits first to find the best solution to fight it.

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