How to Keep Crows Away

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Crow cawing as its perched on a fence

Crows are highly intelligent birds that can quickly adapt to many situations, which means you'll find them in nearly every area around the country. Their distinctive black feathers make them easy to identify, but their intelligence can sometimes lead them to be destructive to human property.

This article will give you some great tips on how to keep crows away. Some methods are more applicable to homeowners while others are serious bird control solutions that are geared toward commercial buildings and property.

What Problems Can Crows Cause?

Crows are omnivorous, which means they'll eat virtually anything available to them (and create a ton of dangerous waste in the process). This means if you're a gardener or farmer, they may feast on the fruits, vegetables, and grains you worked so hard to grow. Crows are especially fond of corn and will flock to and destroy entire cornfields easily.

They also are known to wait for humans to bring their trash to the curb on trash day and dig in, ripping apart trash bags and scattering garbage everywhere. Also, crows are notorious for their distinctive, loud caw. When lots of crows gather together, they can make a huge mess and an annoying ruckus. Simply based on the invention of the scarecrow, you can guess that crows have been a menace for generations.

Some of the biggest problems with crows are that they are very smart, have great memories, and are even known to use tools. This means they will easily remember areas that are crow-friendly and keep returning to them, bringing more friends along each time. Also, they seem to be able to remember human faces and can spread the word about who is friendly and who is an enemy. They can quickly adapt to basic deterrent methods, making this a tough problem to solve.

How to Keep Crows Away from Your Property

If you've experienced problems with crows, you're probably aware of how difficult it is to get rid of them. A single scarecrow alone won't do the job. Here are some actionable tips that you can use to keep this black-feathered pest away.

Hang Decoys

This is the general premise of why people use scarecrows. You can use decoy predators, like humans, owls, or hawks, to scare them away. Alternatively, you can hang dead decoy crows upside down around your property. Crows will see these warning signs and stay away from this area. 

Clean Up

If you have trash around your property, get rid of it so it won’t attract crows. Keep all trash or compost tightly covered, too. Crows are crafty and can figure out how to get into sealed areas using their beaks or tools. Remove potential food sources like bird feeders and pet food containers. Keep the lids and sliding panels of dumpsters on commercial properties closed when not in use.

Use Reflective Objects

Crows hate shiny and reflective things, as they may look like weapons or fire to these smart birds. CDs, disposable aluminum pans, or mylar balloons are great options are popular options for homeowners. Place these objects around your property, or hang them from wash lines or trees. If you use CDs or pans that clang together in the wind, this is even better, as the loud sound will also work to drive the pests away. 

Find Out What Sounds Crows Hate

Crows will respond negatively to the distress calls of other crows or the cries of predator birds like owls and raptors. These serve as a warning and signal danger. You can use Bluetooth speakers to play these sounds near the areas where crows tend to congregate. Loud sounds like noisemakers and firecrackers will also drive them away. 

Remove Nesting Areas

If you find that crows are nesting in areas on your property, then you can get rid of these areas to discourage nests. Crows prefer to nest in evergreen trees, near the top third or quarter of the tree. If you notice that crows are attracted to these areas, then you can:

  • • Remove the trees
  • • Hang decoys nearby
  • • Destroy the nests as soon as they're built — before the mother crow has a chance to lay her eggs

Try Bird Netting 

If you're a gardener and enjoy growing tasty fruits and vegetables, it can help to cover these plants with bird netting. This makes it impossible for crows to get into your plants. Also, birds may see this netting as a threat. They may have learned that it's possible to get tangled up into it, which could result in their injury or death.

Solutions for Commercial Properties

Owners and managers of commercial properties will want a more serious bird control solution to deal with crows. Some of the methods mentioned so far simply won’t be effective or even appropriate for deterring crows from large commercial buildings or other commercial settings. In these cases, bird spikes, electrical track systems, and wire systems are solutions that crows respond to. Consult with a bird control expert to determine which is the best solution for the characteristics of your commercial property and the type of crow problem you’re having.

How to Keep Crows Away for Good

Crow perched on a car in a neighborhood

Commercial property owners or managers who implement a commercial-grade solution recommended by a bird control expert are unlikely to need anything more.  However, if you’re a homeowner who introduced a decoy or a home remedy to scare crows away, you may find that the crows return after they get familiar with your tactics.

You might succeed in deterring returning crows by adding additional decoys, using reflective tape, or other objects like scare balloons. But if the crows are persistent, think about using more commercial-grade bird control solutions.  To determine which solution is best, pay attention to where the crows tend to gather.  If they like to sit on a fence or along a ledge, bird spikes are an excellent option.  If they gather in the trusses of boat docks, barns, or other outbuildings, use commercial bird netting to prevent them from gaining access to those areas.

If crows return, pay attention to where they tend to gather. If they like to sit on a fence or along a ledge, introduce bird spikes or another commercial-grade bird control solution. If they gather in the trusses of boat docks, barns, or other outbuildings, use commercial bird netting to prevent them from gaining access to those areas.

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