How to Stop Geese From Pooping in Yards or Commercial Property

Posted by Bird Barrier on Dec 7, 2020 11:30:00 AM

Canada goose standing in a residential yardWildlife around your property can create exciting moments and a beautiful view. If you suddenly notice stately geese visiting your landscape, you may be thrilled to see them. Unfortunately, that joy often fades quickly. Geese may decide they prefer your property, and they're likely to overstay their welcome — leaving you with the problem of how to stop geese from pooping in the yard. While you might appreciate the view of the birds, you likely won't appreciate the droppings these creatures leave behind. Geese eat a lot, and they poop a lot, too. In fact, one adult goose can leave behind 2 pounds of poop each day

Goose droppings aren't just gross — they pose a lot of problems. Typically, geese aren't solitary creatures. That means you can have flocks of large birds leaving pounds of droppings around your yard, pond, or commercial property every day. Geese feces can harbor certain parasites, E. coli, and potentially dangerous pathogens. These potential risks usually must be inhaled or ingested to cause illness. While this often means people aren't in direct danger, contamination around water, animals, or areas where children play can be a serious issue.

How to Stop Geese From Pooping in Your Yard or Other Areas Around Your Home

Geese visiting your home may seem fun at first, but it can get old quickly. Taking action quickly is essential to avoid allowing the geese to nest. The only way to prevent geese from pooping in your yard is to let them know your home is not their home. Try these methods to stop geese from making your yard and surrounding landscape their personal toilet.

Act Fast

Making these invaders welcome is the worst thing you can do. When geese show up in the spring, they're typically searching for a place to nest. Resist the urge to feed the geese, and quickly create a plan to remove them from your property.

Use Visual Decoys

Geese have a variety of natural predators which they have no desire to nest beside. Visual decoys that affect geese include balloons, predators, dead geese decoys, and lasers. Move the visual decoys around frequently so that birds don't get used to them. Balloon decoys automatically give the illusion of movement to intimidate geese.

Erect Fences

If you have a pond on your property, the geese are happier than ever to hang around. Putting up a fence can be a simple way to deter geese from the areas they're attracted to. Whether you're hoping to protect your yard or pond, a wire strand fence could be enough to keep geese away. Fences made of reflective materials can be especially effective.

Use Repellent

If you have reasons to avoid a fence, repellent may be your best bet. Avian Control Bird Repellent can be sprayed or fogged on surfaces to discourage a variety of nuisance birds from foraging. Spray repellent is a non-toxic, food-grade substance that simply acts as an irritant for birds. An application can last up to two weeks but must be reapplied after heavy rain or mowing. 

Try Lights and Sounds

Geese aren't that difficult to scare, but you're not always available to take care of the problem. Audio deterrents use distress sounds or frightening noises to scare geese away from your property. These work best when targeted to specific bird behavior and used with visual deterrents.

How to Stop Geese From Pooping Around Your Business

Large group of Canada geese walking around a park

Golf courses, commercial parks, and lakefront landscapes provide people with wonderful spaces to enjoy leisure time. Unfortunately, geese enjoy these spots, as well. When geese invade your commercial property, you're not only worried about losing business. You also have the health of your customers and guests to think about. Keeping geese off your commercial property is essential to help you avoid the dangers associated with goose feces. Use these methods to keep geese away from your commercial property:

Get Ahead of the Problem With Deterrents

As you may well know, the old saying, "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure," is often true. When it comes to ridding your commercial property of geese, it's an order to live by. Commercial properties like golf courses and parks provide large spaces that make it difficult to deter geese after they've arrived. Spray deterrents can be used over large areas like parks, fields, and golf courses.

Post Signs and Reminders

It's easy enough to remind your family members to refrain from feeding geese, but it's difficult to maintain this control in public spaces. Placing signs in various places on your property can help remind guests to avoid feeding any geese.

Use Automated Fear Tactics

Scaring geese away with the help of sounds and flashing lights is a useful way to remove them from your personal property, but it's a big job to be everywhere at once when you're responsible for a commercial property. Use tools with automated sounds or lights that work on a scheduled timer. These sudden movements and sounds can convince geese the area isn't safe for nesting.

Protect Lakes and Surrounding Structures With Wire

Suspending grid wire in various horizontal and vertical positions can help deter large aquatic birds like geese. This highly visible wire can be used to protect lakes, rooftops, parking lots, and other large areas. When water is not used for other recreational purposes, strands of wire can effectively prevent geese from accessing the water's surface. Fencing along the water's shore can deter geese in the molting months of June and July since they seek easy access to the water and can't fly while molting. The fence must completely surround the body of water to be effective. 

Goose control can be a difficult task whether you're at work or at home. Still, when you use the right products and persistence, you can accomplish your goal. Get those messy geese moving so that you don't have to deal with disgusting droppings every time you step out the door. For more information about dealing with troublesome geese or other wild bird species, get in touch with the experts at Bird Barrier. Our team is happy to answer your questions and help you find the best product to suit your unique needs.

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