Humane Tips for Solar Panel Pigeon Protection

Posted by Bird Barrier on Nov 23, 2020 11:30:00 AM

Pigeons crowding a roof with solar panels

Solar panel popularity has gone through the roof in the recent past, with about 2 million PV installations recorded in 2019. Although solar panels offer an excellent clean energy source, pigeons nesting under solar panels present a significant challenge to residential and commercial property owners. The gaps between the roof and solar panels create safe, warm, and sheltered nesting sites for birds — and pigeons, especially. Unlike some other bird species, pigeons need cover over their heads when nesting. They also nest all year round, which presents a permanent risk of damage to your solar panels. In this post, we discuss the damage that pigeons cause when they roost under solar panels and humane solar panel pigeon protection solutions to repel them. 

What Damage Do Pigeons Cause?

The nesting activity of the pigeons presents significant damage to solar systems and even the entire building. Pigeons also present a high risk of disease and pest infestation. The following are some problems you may encounter if you don't take immediate solar panel pigeon protection measures:


A buildup of corrosive pigeon droppings results in significant damage to the solar panels, gutters, and patios below the solar panels. Pigeons typically produce up to 11 kg of fouling per year. The fouling reduces the solar system's efficiency by a significant percentage. It may also result in erratic and insufficient energy for your needs. This problem is prevalent even with self-cleaning panels because the systems are designed to clean dust and dirt — not bird droppings.


Pigeons nesting under a solar panel for extended periods often results in a large amount of foul buildup. The bird droppings typically cause irreversible damage to the panels due to corrosion.


Pigeons fouling carry pathogens and bacteria. These can cause serious illnesses to humans should they ingest it accidentally or breathe in contaminated air. It is also dangerous if the feces get into wounds.


When pigeons make their homes under the solar panels, they often chew or dislodge wires as they look for space to make a nesting home. This will not only cause the panels to stop working. It may also result in potential fire hazards that put property and lives at risk.


Pigeons on your property will also result in an infestation of pesky pests, especially biting bird mites. A bird mite problem is difficult and costly to control or get rid of.


Pigeons nesting on the solar panel also causes a lot of distraction. The noise the birds make can be extremely irritating. The solution to the pigeon problem lies in permanently stopping the pigeons from accessing your solar system.

What Is the Solution to Stop Pigeons From Nesting Under Solar Panels?

3 pigeons perched on the edge of a solar panel

The following are some of the best solar panel pigeon protection tips to follow when you want to keep pigeons away from your panels:

Install Anti-Roosting Spikes

An anti-roosting spike is a device that consists of long, needle-like rods. It can be attached to building ledges to discourage perching and roosting. The spikes are usually about 30 centimeters long and will reduce the area available for the pigeons to land. When pigeons attempt to descend on the spikes, they get an uncomfortable but unharmful prick from one of the spikes. Ideal anti roosting spikes are attached to the spots around the solar panels where the birds love to nest. Most of these spikes attach easily, but you need to read the manufacturer's instructions carefully when installing. Anti-roosting spikes are used to deter birds without causing them harm or killing them. 

Use Pigeon Netting

Tucking an ideal bird netting or meshes around the solar panel is one of the most humane and effective methods to deter pigeons. Bird nettings are made of thin nylon that is difficult to detect from the ground level. You can, therefore, be sure that the original aesthetics of your property will be maintained. These nettings can cover all the available spaces around and under the panel. They prevent the birds from accessing the spaces to lay eggs or perch. Bird nettings are easy to install, low-impact, low-profile, and attractive.

 Use Sloped Sheathing or Bird Slides

The ideal sheathing is made of metal, plywood, or PVC. The material creates slippery surfaces that deter pigeons from roosting near the solar panel. Sheathing products typically come with three sheaths that establish the right triangles. They have bases that can securely fit into flat roosting spaces. The surfaces take on a 60- to 40-degree angle that pigeons cannot perch on. To get the best results, ensure you put the sloped sheathing products around the top, flat areas around the solar panels. This is where the pigeons love to roost.

Install Scare Devices

You can also use ideal scare-pigeon devices to shoo away pigeons from perching and roosting on your solar panels. Typically, scare-pigeon devices are lightweight decoys or kites that you can purchase in the form of hawk silhouette. When you put the devices in the places where the pigeons love to roost, they view them as menacing predators and will fly away. However, the birds can quickly get accustomed to the devices, and you need to keep moving them regularly to get the best results.

Use Bird Repellants

You can also apply ideal bird repellants on particular surfaces where pigeons love to roots and perch near the solar panels. Repellants drive away pigeons without harming them and will stick on the surfaces where pigeons love to nest. When the birds attempt to land, the repellant sticks on their feet, causing a lot of irritation and discomfort.

Key Takeaways About Solar Panel Pigeon Protection

Pigeons are beautiful birds to watch, but they also present serious risks if you allow them to nest on your solar panel. If you have a pigeon problem on your property, use the solar panel pigeon protection tips and products we have discussed here to find a lasting solution. At Bird Barrier, we provide humane solutions for all your bird problems. If  you need help, don't hesitate to contact us.

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