Multi-Structure Sales Strategies for Bird Control Companies

Posted by Bird Barrier on Aug 16, 2021 11:30:00 AM

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Bird control services continue to gain traction as building maintenance companies, contractors, pest control companies, and bird control companies provide these services relentlessly. Multi-structure sales strategies have emerged as an exciting way of completing sales. However, buyers tend to become reluctant when presented with such options. Expensive multi-structure projects complicate the buying decision further.

What Are Multi-Structure Sales Strategies?

Multi-structure sales strategies can help businesses create better sales on their bird control solutions. Are you looking to cash in on this business-savvy strategy? Here are essential sales strategies that can help make a difference and hasten the purchasing decision. 

Break It Into Phases

Most clients prefer quotes for one structure at a time. In most instances, buyers can quickly become scared away when presented with a single quote covering all the structures in question. Setting up one single bird control structure at a time helps the user appreciate the work they are paying for. This approach makes it easier for your clients to sign off on your next construction phase. 

Analyze your client's specific needs and help them find the right products and solutions for particular situations. Many clients would love to understand how different installations would improve their bird situation. Whether you are considering bird repellents, pigeon nettings, goose control products, or electric track systems, break down these steps for your client so that they will appreciate the value of each phase. 

Price of Project vs. Cost of Inaction

Pest birds can cause all sorts of disturbances and become a nuisance to a home. Humane bird deterrents are viable solutions for homeowners and business people looking to solve bird problems in different settings. However, most multi-structure projects can cost clients significantly and deter them from implementing viable solutions. 

While the cost of multi-structure projects may be a discouraging factor, taking no action against bird invasions can cause significant damage to one's property. Highlight how different birds like woodpeckers can ruin your client's property and cost them more on repairs. Explain to your clients that they could save more if they take preventative action rather than waiting to resolve the damage that rogue birds can cause. 

You could also mention how pest birds can damage property with their droppings or disturb your client's peace with their loud noises. Some birds could also spread diseases, increasing the overall cost of failing to set up efficient bird deterrents. Essentially, help your client perform a cost-benefit analysis to appreciate the value they'll receive from adopting bird deterrent solutions. 

Define the Value of Each Project Phase

Different bird control services are ideal for various functions. Help your client understand why they need each piece of the project as you try to close your deals. If you are looking to sell bird spikes as part of the project material, explain how such equipment can help to deter large bird species from landing or roosting on your client's property. Target clients who have flat open areas for such products that would serve their property needs optimally. 

Alternatively, you could leverage the humane benefits that your bird control solution provides for different clients. Besides bird spikes, your client may need bird netting and net accessories to exclude rogue birds. Explain how these bird control services and solutions complement each other to create a robust bird control strategy for your clients. Help your client understand that while different solutions could serve different purposes, the synergy they can achieve from multi-structure bird control strategies is invaluable. 

Work on providing viable alternatives that allow your clients to make informed decisions based on the available options. Clients who don't prefer bird spikes for deterring large bird species could opt for a post and wire bird deterrent that performs the same role. The second product has its advantages, including the fact that it is ideal for any surface.

Armed with such information, your clients will have an easier time making up their minds on what they'll need to handle the bird menace at hand. You'll also increase your chances of completing multiple sales successfully when you provide viable alternatives. 

Provide Supplementary Services

Clients looking for bird control services would also appreciate specific advice regarding the best steps they can take to control birds on their property. You could also include a network of skilled Authorized Installers to support your clients in completing the service. Go beyond telling potential clients what they need to do and help them see how you can help them achieve their specific projects. 

Multi-structure sales strategies that combine installation services can provide significant returns. Offering additional advice on the best way to handle the projects can make an impression on your clients. 

Create Customized Products

Rather than providing one-size-fits-all solutions, provide individualized products that will address individual client needs. One rewarding strategy could involve categorizing your multi-structure sales strategies based on different birds. While one client may have trouble dealing with pigeons, someone else may be on the market for sparrow or swallow control solutions. Set up separate multi-structure projects that can help your clients tackle their issues comprehensively.

Creating a separate line of bird deterrents that cater to different bird issues will quickly catch the eye of a prospective client and help you complete sales rapidly. Ensure that the solutions are practical and affordable. You could also consider providing easy-to-install bird control options that clients can set up without much hassle. If you're targeting clients who spend most of their time at sea, consider providing cormorant, blue heron, or seagull control solutions. 

Ideally, it would be best to break down your target market. Then create personalized solutions that would match their specific needs. 

Take Your Sales to the Next Level With Multi-Structure Sales Strategies

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Bird control is steadily growing in popularity, keeping close tabs with roofing and plumbing services. However, simply providing humane bird control solutions may not suffice in earning you significant results. Considering multi-structure sales strategies can help you step out of your comfort zone and boost your sales initiatives.

Try out the strategies mentioned above diligently and watch your sales experience steady growth. Customize the strategies to match your sales and marketing plan. Then make the appropriate adjustments that'll fit seamlessly with your existing projects.  Contact us for more information.

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