Practical Ways to Keep Bird Droppings Away From Your Home or Business

Posted by Bird Barrier on Feb 8, 2021 11:30:00 AM

Marine pest birds on a messy rooftop

The chattering of birds during early spring and summer is something that you probably yearn for. The beautiful melodies set a positive mood for the day. But if hordes of birds infest your home, nest on your buildings, eat your product inventories, and leave bird droppings on your property, then they become a nuisance. Bird droppings are messy and pose a health risk to the occupants of your home or business. If you face such a problem, worry no more — we have the right solutions for you.

Construct a Physical Barrier on Your Commercial Property

Urban pest birds are notorious for leaving tons of droppings in or around your commercial property. Gulls, pigeons, or crows will create an unpleasing environment with their filthy droppings. Essentially, those feces are a liability to your business.

They pose the risk of falls and slips. The acidic droppings also corrode production lines and damage your products. Your business's overall aesthetic value depreciates, and you may end up losing a significant number of clients. However, constructing a physical barrier keeps off the nuisance animals and eliminates bird droppings on the premises.

Installing our Bird-Flite product permanently stops pest birds from accessing your business or property. The bird deterrent product contains a polycarbonate base and spikes made from stainless steel. Property owners can install the physical barrier on:

  • • Chimneys
  • • Cameras
  • • Lights
  • • Beams
  • • Ledges
  • • Pipes

The structural specifications of the Bird-Flite enable permanent blocking of birds such as pigeons from accessing your premises. Once you install the physical barrier, bird droppings and other nesting materials become a thing of the past.

Install Bird Traps in the Residential Area

Bird droppings carry ectoparasites and numerous transmittable diseases. Finding a way to reduce the bird population in your home also eradicates bird feces on your property. For a trapping method to be effective, you must:

  • • Select an appropriate site
  • • Have a baiting system
  • • Remove the trapped birds
  • • Evaluate the trapping site on a regular occasion

We have well-constructed pigeon and sparrow traps that enable seamless trapping and removal of the birds. The Sparrow Trap door is discrete, and you can comfortably carry the birds away. You can capture the birds quietly before transferring them to the wild at a convenient time.

Scare the Birds Using Optical Gels

An optical gel is a bird repellent system that is multi-sensory. The bird repellent product scares birds through three main sensory processes.

  • • Sight: The optical dishes appear to contain fire or smoke from a distance. The sight looks like a threat to the birds, so they will be too intimidated to approach the seemingly high-risk areas.
  • • Smell: The optical gels have either citronella or peppermint oil smell, which most birds can't stand.
  • • Touch: The sticky nature of the optical gels scares away the birds.

You can install the optical gels on balconies, signs, roofs, and ledges, or in enclosed spaces. The bird repellent system scares away all bird species. Their discreet nature makes them very suitable for your premises. Also, the optical gels are crafted with organic materials that pose zero hazards to the environment.

Install Bird Shocks or Avishock

The low-profile system works by issuing electrical shock to birds when they contact the tracks. The systems are designed to conform to your architectural configuration. It does not harm the bird and teaches them to stay away. Birds will perceive your property negatively, so they will be unwilling to land on your business premises again.

Consider installing the bird shocks on excluded regions such as beams, ledges, parapets, or roof peaks. The shocks work on all bird species to prevent bird feces from accumulating in your residential and commercial spaces.

Why opt for bird shocks?

  • • They are discreet options.
  • • These deterrents are suitable for residential and commercial spaces.
  • • The system is not affected by weather changes.
  • • It is a durable method.
  • • It's ideal for all bird species.

Create an Inhospitable Environment for the Birds

Pigeons and bird droppings on a support rafter

Birds nest on building ledges, balconies, crannies, or nooks of your property. Having birds nest in these areas is quite undesirable for people living in and around the building. If your home attracts starlings, sparrows, pigeons, or other pests birds, then consider making the environment less hospitable to them with these tactics:

  • • Create fake predators: The strategy may not entirely scare away all bird species, but it will significantly reduce the number of birds.
  • • Place taste deterrents: They are effective on nuisance birds. Typically, birds dislike the taste of vinegar and chili peppers, and taste-based deterrents will encourage them to vacate their nesting regions.
  • • Properly store your food reserves: Birds may be nesting on your building due to an ample supply of food. If you deny the birds enough food by sealing trash bins and entrances, then there is an increased likelihood of them vacating the area.

Incorporate Audio Deterrents in Your Premises

These audio bird deterrents produce distress calls or frightening sounds. The distress calls from the audio device produce a sound similar to that of the bird. Since birds communicate through sounds, the distress calls will alert other birds of pending danger, and they will not approach the specific premises.

However, note that the audio deterrents are created for specific species of birds. You must clearly identify the bird species roosting on your property and leaving unpleasant bird droppings. It would be best if you also adopted visual devices for the device to be effective. Studying the birds' behavior is intrinsic to establish when you will turn on the audio devices.

Pros of the Audio Deterrents

  • • They are easy to install and use.
  • • The devices require minimal maintenance.
  • • Birds prefer not to approach areas with audio deterrents.
  • • The frequencies produced by the devices cannot harm humans.

Essentially, if you want to eliminate bird droppings from your premises, then the first step is scaring away the birds from your residential and commercial property. It is possible to study the birds' behavior and incorporate a practical method depending on their patterns. Our products will help you remove the pest birds from your premises and remove the risk of harmful nesting materials and bird droppings.

If you want to adopt practical methods to keep the nuisance creatures from home or business, then contact us today.

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