Starting a Bird Control Program With Optical Gel Technology

Posted by Bird Barrier on Apr 12, 2021 11:30:00 AM

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Successful pest control companies use many techniques to remove a variety of pests. If you're in charge of pest control, then you may be getting more requests than ever about bird control. As business owners and homeowners learn more about the dangerous diseases that can be passed from birds to humans, they start to recognize bird control as a vital service. Still, starting a bird control program can be difficult for many pest control companies. The structure of bird control techniques like bird netting and shock track present challenges, especially for small companies. 

Thanks to advancing technology in the bird control field, there's an easier way to get started. Optical gel is easy to use, can be used practically anywhere, and extremely effective. So learn more about starting a bird control program with optical gel.

What Is Optical Gel?

Optical gel is a multi-sensory bird repellent that deters birds using sight, smell, and touch. This handy gel is contained in clear dishes for non-messy application and great visibility. Optical gel is non-toxic, but birds dislike the sight, odor, and feel of the formula. Often, bird control requires multiple tools to scare birds away and keep them from coming back. But optical gel works as a three-in-one tool to effectively provide bird control for any species. Here's how it works.

  • First Defense — Sight: To birds, optical gel dishes appear dangerous, like fire or smoke.
  • Second Defense — Smell: To you, optical gel probably smells great. However, birds are repelled by the scents of peppermint oil and citronella.
  • Third Defense — Touch: If birds actually get close enough to touch optical gel, they're not likely to return because birds dislike sticky substances.

Optical gel can be installed practically anywhere. You simply remove the lid and attach it to the surface where birds are typically attracted. Dishes can be attached with glue, magnetically adhered, or secured with zip ties. Once optical gel is in place, it lasts two to four years.

How Optical Gel Can Help You With Starting a Bird Control Program

For many pest control companies, investing in a new service is a large hurdle. You need the time to educate your team. You also need the funds for tools and additional time to gain experience in the field. In the past, this made investing in bird control seem like a risk. But even with the best training opportunities, you could be facing a big learning curve to install many of the tools used in bird control. 

Do you face any of these challenges for adding bird control to your pest control company?

  • Your business doesn’t have the funds to invest in training courses for the multiple methods of bird control required for different species.
  • You don't have the employee base to tackle complicated bird net, shock wire, or bird spike installations.
  • Your team can't take time away from your regular schedule for training. 
  • You can't afford to invest in the additional tools necessary for successful bird control installation.

Whether you're a small company or a successful business looking for additional ways to assist your customers, these hurdles can make starting a bird control program seem impossible. But with the right tools, bird control is a service you can get started in no time.

The Unique Advantages of Optical Gel

Optical gel is a different type of bird control. Each of the installation techniques is simple, and no additional tools are necessary. If you're learning about bird control, then you may be aware that different techniques or tools are often used for different species or sizes of birds. Optical gel works on all species of birds, no matter what their size or preferred roosting area. You can also install it on practically every surface birds use for roosting. Also, your team can be certified to use optical gel in an hour. Consider these benefits of starting a bird control service with optical gel from Bird Barrier:

  • Online training courses to help you start up quickly
  • Simple installation
  • Effective deterrence for all species and weights of birds
  • No additional tools needed for installation
  • Effective in deterrence and long-term maintenance
  • Practically invisible once installed
  • Useful on all surfaces where birds roost
  • Effective for commercial and residential use
  • An investment that will provide additional business opportunities

Bird control provides you with an added service you can provide for your existing clients. It can also open doors to attracting new residential or commercial customers. Whether you use optical gel as an opening to multiple bird control products, or it's the only bird control product you use, it's an investment that will help you grow your pest control business. 

Getting Started With Optical Gel

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Created by Bird Barrier, optical gel is the simplest way to take care of bird control. Not only is it extremely effective on all species and sizes of birds, but it's also very discreet. All forms of bird control are designed to be as discreet as possible to eliminate unsightly additions to the face of your clients’ properties. Optical gel is virtually invisible once the dishes are in place, making it even more attractive for your customers. In other words, optical gel isn't just a starter method of bird control; it's one of the best methods available.

Getting started is easy. Bird Barrier provides block courses for pest management professionals, allowing you to choose the courses that your company needs to get started. Optical gel certification is an in-depth course that covers all aspects of optical gel use. Our course provides information about:

  • What optical gel is
  • How to find bird control opportunities with optical gel
  • Proper preparation and installation
  • Ongoing revenue with optical gel

Signing up is easy. Just visit our training classes page, and choose Module 2: Optical Gel. Then fill out the required information to schedule your training class and click submit. The optical gel training class will provide you all the information you need for starting a bird control program with optical gel.

Don't put off adding valuable services to your pest control business. Optical gel is easy to use, it’s effective, and your customers will love the results. It also eliminates all the usual barriers between small companies and bird control services. Schedule your optical gel course, and you'll be ready to use the easiest method of bird control in no time.

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