How to Use an Eagle Eye System for Early Bird Deterrence

Posted by Bird Barrier on May 9, 2022 11:00:00 AM

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For owners of commercial buildings, agricultural businesses, and large open public areas, roosting and nesting birds can cause expensive damage, unsanitary conditions, and a loss of business. Addressing the birds after they've already claimed your property as their home can be expensive and challenging. However, if you can deter birds before they find advantageous nesting spots, bird control can become cheaper and more effective. That's where Eagle Eye, a system designed to frighten birds away from a specific airspace while they are still in flight, comes in. 

Instead of protecting single nesting areas, the system is designed to scare birds away before they land. When considering if Eagle Eye is the right bird deterrent for your property, it's important to understand how the system works and the conditions it's designed for.

What Is Eagle Eye? 

Unlike many types of bird deterrents, Eagle Eye is not a single device. Instead, it's a system of devices that work in tandem with each other. Also, Eagle Eye often works with physical deterrents and exclusion devices to create an airspace deterrent. The system has a series of pyramid-type prisms mounted on poles with motorized or wind-driven mechanisms. Those mechanisms cause them to spin and reflect sunlight in a way that represents a known threat. 

There are three different devices that may be included in your Eagle Eye system.

  1. Main Unit: The main unit has a pyramid shape and typically sits atop a tall pole. The unit spins at about 60 RPM to create continual flashes of light that remind birds of a known threat.
  2. Propeller: This works as a wind-driven secondary device that complements the main unit with a different pattern of reflections. The propeller fills in gaps left by the main unit with a chaotic, unpredictable pattern reminiscent of shimmering light.
  3. Bird Breezer: These devices help with spot mitigation of congregating birds. If a few birds do ignore the warnings represented by the other devices, these deterrents are only a few inches above the surface where they're installed. They create motion birds want to avoid, sometimes allowing you to eliminate hotspots without adding a physical deterrent. 

How Does Eagle Eye Work?

The Eagle Eye system is not designed to get rid of roosting or nesting birds that are already accustomed to a property. Instead, it can divert birds as they approach the area by reflecting sunlight to create a splashing pattern that mimics the way birds see a predator above them. 

Birds recognize predators above them by the way the sunlight reflects off the movements of these predators. The Eagle Eye reflects sunlight in a pattern that mimics this known threat to frighten birds away before they land. While Eagle Eye is often supplemented by other devices, it can help create a cost-effective system to protect an entire area.

Why Use Eagle Eye? 

Eagle Eye is a visual deterrent. Like other visual deterrents, it doesn't physically keep birds away from a space. However, it can act as a powerful prevention method that will help you avoid the many expenses of dealing with a bird problem when it's already taken root. Bird flocks can include hundreds of birds. When you have a large surface area to protect, deterrents can quickly get expensive. By investing in a system, you can use multiple tools for a more cost-effective solution. 

For instance, the roof of a warehouse could quickly become a favorite roosting and nesting area for hundreds of seagulls. Protecting the entire surface with Gridwire would require a large amount of materials and lots of labor, leading to a significant cost for the building owner. But you can deploy Eagle Eye on the same surface for roughly 10% of the cost. You can then complement it with a temporary removal method or a physical deterrent like Flex Track for similar results at a much cheaper cost.

Designed for the wine industry, Eagle Eye works to deter birds before they find a reason to make themselves at home. For agricultural use, put Eagle Eye up as early as possible in the season to protect fields and vineyards before crops grow. The addition of flash tape can enhance the effect and be enough to keep birds away.

3 Things to Consider Before Choosing Eagle Eye

Swarm of pest birds about to nest on an open property

Eagle Eye is a visual deterrent system that can be effective in many situations. However, it's not the right choice for every property. Before using Eagle Eye, consider how these factors can affect your bird removal efforts.

1. Susceptibility to Weather Events

Eagle Eye main units are mounted on tall poles. While sturdily made, they can be susceptible to extreme weather events. When extreme weather is in the forecast, it's important to take the poles down because the poles can conduct electricity and units can be damaged in extreme weather. Additionally, for best performance, Eagle Eye devices need to be serviced periodically. 

2. It Typically Works in Tandem With Other Products

Most often (90-100% of the time), you will need other bird control products to complement Eagle Eye. On a structural fixture like a building or warehouse, Eagle Eye will deter 80% of birds in flight. If birds are already using your property, it's essential to remove nests and seal off the area to reduce bird pressure. 

For areas that provide food sources, you'll still need to eliminate attractants. In some areas, it may be necessary to use structural deterrents. But you can considerably reduce the need for these other products by combining them with an Eagle Eye system.

3. Eagle Eye Requires an Initial Survey for Successful Results

Eagle Eye is a carefully nuanced system that requires proper installation. For this reason, it's the only Bird Barrier product that requires a recommendation from a professional. When a professional survey is included, Bird Barrier provides guidance for the best positioning and placement. This essential guidance ensures each tool has the right position with the right supplementation.

Wondering if Eagle Eye is the right solution for your pest bird problem? Get in touch with the experts at Bird Barrier to learn more about this visual bird deterrent system and other effective pest bird deterrents.

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