Why Bird Spikes Are Effective — And When, Where, and How to Use Them

Posted by Bird Barrier on Jun 7, 2021 11:30:00 AM

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When seeking bird control options, many clients ask, "Are bird spikes effective bird control?" The answer is a resounding yes. Bird spikes are effective bird control tools for a variety of areas for many species of birds. Bird spikes have a flexible base that can conform to practically every shape to prevent pest birds from landing on ledges, railings, and buildings. Many commercial properties utilize bird spikes to deter pest birds and eliminate the problems that come along with them before an infestation exists.

How Do Bird Spikes Work?

Bird spikes are designed to deter birds from roosting in desirable areas. They have a narrow, flexible base with protruding stainless steel spikes. Bird spikes aren't designed to hurt birds. In fact, the spikes are blunt, which prevents injury to birds and workers installing them. Instead, the spikes are spaced closely together in a way that prevents large birds from landing.

Bird spikes are available in narrow (2.5 in), wide (5 in), and extra wide (8 in) sizes to provide options for pipes and signs, as well as wide ledges. Installation is easy; the spikes come in short, easy-to-cut lengths that installers can simply glue or screw onto the desired surface. While the spikes may look intimidating from a close-up view, the 4.5-inch spikes are barely noticeable once they're in place on your building.

The Advantages of Bird Spikes for Effective Pest Bird Control

Many businesses in both urban and rural areas use bird spikes. The reason these deterrents are so widely used is simple. They have a variety of benefits that make bird spikes effective in many ways. Bird spikes are:

  • Versatile
  • Humane bird control 
  • Effective against large birds in medium bird weight areas
  • Easy to install
  • Durable and last for years
  • Low-visibility deterrents
  • Closely spaced spikes that prevent debris buildup
  • Built with a flexible base for curved surfaces
  • Available in multiple widths for a variety of surfaces
  • Useful in conjunction with other products

Where Should You Use Bird Spikes?

Property owners can use bird spikes in a variety of medium-pressure areas where large birds roost. Since the spikes are available in a variety of widths and conform to the shape of almost any surface, they will provide an ideal deterrent on many high surfaces that birds commonly enjoy. To employ bird spikes in the following areas, you may need to purchase multiple widths to fit the dimensions of different sections of your building. Bird spikes are optimal for:

  • Window Sills
  • Signs
  • Rooflines
  • Parapet Walls
  • Eaves
  • Ledges 
  • I-beams
  • Overhangs
  • Pipes
  • Chimneys

When to Seek Another Option

There are times when bird spikes aren't the best option for bird control. Bird spikes are rated for medium bird pressure areas. They're also most effective when faced with larger pest birds. When facing the following situations, bird spikes might not effectively take care of the problem:

  • The pests are small birds. Small birds like sparrows have small feet designed for clutching narrow branches. Birds smaller than pigeons can grip onto bird spikes and even use them as a foundation for a more sturdy nest. Optical gel used in conjunction with bird spikes can deter both small and large species of birds.
  • Birds are nesting in the affected area. Nesting birds have a lot of determination. In this situation, you're facing heavy bird pressure. So the birds aren't likely to be deterred.

How to Pick the Right Type and Right Size

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The degree to which bird spikes are effective depends heavily on using the right type and size of the product to target certain species of birds. Choosing the spikes that best fit your space and pest bird situation is essential. Consider these questions when determining which bird spikes you should use.

Where Will the Spikes Be Installed?

Bird spikes are available in different widths to fit different areas of your building. While a narrow strip of spikes might fit perfectly on your building's sign, the same size will be ineffective on a wide ledge. When narrow spikes are placed in a large area, birds will simply move around the spikes to nest or roost.

What Type of Birds Do You Want to Deter?

Bird spikes are effective on birds with large feet that require flat space to walk around. However, if you're dealing with smaller birds, this deterrent won't be effective. Additionally, bird spikes are available from a variety of companies, and spikes may vary in length and spacing. For bird spikes to work effectively, the spikes must be longer than the birds' legs and spaced closely. Then the birds have nowhere to land.

What Size/Type of Area Needs Coverage?

The base of bird spikes is flexible and easy to cut. However, installing spikes in tricky areas is easier to accomplish when you choose the right length. Bird spikes from Bird Barrier are available in one-foot or three-foot lengths for easy application. Three-foot lengths work best for longer ledges, pipes, and other continuous surfaces. But shorter length provided by Bird Flite is optimal for single letters of neon signs and other smaller surfaces. Both lengths are easy to cut and are installed in the same fashion, making it easy to use either type exactly where you need them.

How Long Will You Need Protection?

One of the major advantages of quality bird spikes is their durability. However, some manufacturers produce spikes from different materials. Stainless steel spikes are weather resistant and last for years. While plastic bird spikes are effective, they can be affected when surfaces become hot from excessive sunlight and may require replacement more often.  

At first glance, bird spikes seem like a dangerous device that could harm birds, but the opposite is true. When you learn the facts about bird spikes, it's easy to see that bird spikes are effective methods of bird control that provide business owners with a safe, long-lasting bird control solution for most areas. To learn more about bird spike and other effective methods of bird control, get in touch with the experts at Bird Barrier.

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