Advanced Tips on How to Sell StealthNet to Reluctant Customers

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Identifying damage caused by lots of pigeons and pest birds can help you learn how to sell StealthNet

As a bird control specialist, an important part of your job is to advise your customers which products will best suit their needs. Many customers accept your advice as a professional. But others may be reluctant to pay the cost for a more expensive product or installation service. Bird netting, like StealthNet from Bird Barrier, requires specialized installation and a lot of product to cover large areas. This makes it an expensive solution for many businesses. But its multi-purpose use and the ability to target all bird species can make it the best product for the job. Unfortunately, convincing your customers to make the choice can be a challenge. With the right techniques, you can learn how to sell StealthNet confidently. Use these tips to get started.

How to Sell StealthNet: 5 Key Tactics

1. Plan Time for Customer Education

Whether you're a full-service pest control specialist or you work entirely in bird control, you have the knowledge to determine when StealthNet will provide the most successful bird control for your customer. Your customers don't have the same education. Therefore, being able to explain exactly why StealthNet is the best product in a specific situation is a key component in how to sell StealthNet. Today's business owners usually take the time to conduct online research before making a large investment. This can be helpful in some situations. But it can also be a burden when a misinformed customer hopes to solve a big problem with a small solution.

When performing bird control services in a heavy bird pressure area, allow time in your schedule to have a real conversation with your customer. When you have the extra time built into your schedule, you're more likely to be relaxed while explaining your recommendation to your customers. This avoids frustration from both parties when coming to a final agreement. 

2. Discuss the Costs of Potential Failures With Alternative Products

Most commercial and residential property owners have never heard the term bird pressure. Without extensive knowledge of bird control, it can be difficult to understand why other products won't be as effective as bird netting in heavy bird pressure situations. Perhaps you're working with a business owner who has read positive reviews about a cheaper product used in the same industry. Maybe your customer simply has no knowledge of the complexity of bird control in heavy pressure areas. No matter why your customer is hesitant to commit to bird netting, it can help to discuss the other products available.

Share your knowledge about why light pressure solutions fail in heavy pressure areas. Help the customer calculate the costs of continued bird damage to the property; also calculate the costs of trying products that likely won't provide the results they need. Trial and error bird control is costly in more ways than one. Birds are intelligent creatures that often seek ways around bird control methods when a safe nesting spot is at stake.

3. Use Past Projects as Examples

If you've provided similar services for another business in the area, your relationship with existing customers can help provide proof of the effectiveness of StealthNet. Keep a portfolio of photos that illustrate successful projects. Share the ways other commercial properties are similar to your new customer's business. Then emphasize the positive results of StealthNet on those properties.

As you work with customers, ask them to provide reviews on your website that reflect their satisfaction. If you don't have a website, consider using written reviews to share alongside photos in your portfolio. Ask customers if they would be open to sharing the experience with other local businesses. A quick phone conversation with another local business owner can help illustrate the return on investment provided by bird netting.

4. Provide a Cost Breakdown

Pigeons crowding on a roof and causing damage

Bird netting covers expansive areas and requires an involved installation process. A detailed analysis of the costs for installing such a full-coverage solution can help your customers understand the value of your services. For instance, proper installation of bird netting is essential for success. Provide a detailed list of professional tools that allow your team to access the perfect spot for attachments and cable installation. Additionally, the full coverage provided by StealthNet can eliminate the need for a multi-pronged approach that would require additional products and a phased installation approach.

5. Point Out the Long-Term Savings of StealthNet

It's true that utilizing StealthNet for bird control has an intimidating start-up cost. Trying to convince your customers otherwise will result in a loss of trust in your professionalism. Instead, show customers how the larger investment can lead to savings over time. StealthNet is a full-coverage solution that works in many areas that other bird control solutions can't reach. Acknowledge that it has a large up-front cost for the initial purchase and installation. But maintenance is minimal, and StealthNet is designed to last for years in all types of weather. 

As part of how to sell StealthNet, share these reasons that StealthNet will save your customers money in the long run:

  • It's effective on all bird species, helping customers avoid requirements for additional products.
  • Stainless steel hardware and polyethylene twine are long-lasting and weather resistant.
  • Bird netting is resistant to UV rays and won't absorb water or rot.
  • It's practically invisible and can be used in a variety of areas.
  • StealthNet covers large areas, which eliminates the need for additional products that may require routine maintenance.
  • Avoiding the trial-and-error approach of using light pressure deterrents in heavy-pressure areas will eliminate money lost to ineffective solutions.

The Key to How to Sell StealthNet Is Excellent Customer Service

A big part of effective bird control lies in the ability to help your customers choose the most effective solution for their unique situation. You know exactly why StealthNet is a great bird control solution. But many customers may think you're simply trying to upsell an expensive product. Good customer relations is key to providing long-term solutions they will quickly come to trust. The tips above can help you gain loyal customers that will trust you to take care of all their bird control needs. To learn more about the benefits of StealthNet or how to incorporate bird control products into your pest management business, get in touch with the bird control experts at Bird Barrier.

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