Bird Control Guide: How Much Bird Control Cleaning Agent to Use

Posted by Bird Barrier on Oct 11, 2021 11:30:00 AM

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Cleaning away droppings is a crucial part of bird control. Before placing bird control products, it's essential to remove hazardous droppings and begin with a clean, disinfected surface. Besides sending the first signal that the property is being reclaimed, proper cleanup of droppings removes toxins and odors and eliminates ongoing structural damage. It is also very important to disrupt the pheromone imprint left behind by birds. Still, if you're not accustomed to cleaning away bird droppings, it can be difficult to determine exactly how much bird control cleaning agent you need. Luckily, there are ways you can determine what types of cleaner and how much you should be using.

Safety First

As a certified bird control specialist, you know the importance of full PPE gear when cleaning away bird droppings. No matter whether you're facing a dusting or over a foot of droppings, it's crucial to wear:

  • Coveralls
  • Sealed, filtered mask, with no facial hair
  • • Chemical resistant gloves
  • Coverings over injuries
  • Sealed eye protection
  • Safety skid resistant boots

  • Besides these preventative measures, the way you clean plays an important part in keeping dangerous toxins out of your lungs. The most important rule of cleaning away bird droppings is to keep the mess moist to avoid inhaling spores. Disturbed dried droppings create airborne dust that people can inhale. Always use enough of your chosen bird control cleaning agent to thoroughly wet droppings.

Types of Bird Control Cleaning Agents

The amount of cleaner you need will depend heavily on the amount of excrement you're facing. Cleaning away a light dusting of fresh droppings will be vastly different than shoveling several inches of bird droppings that have dried like concrete. Choosing specific cleaning agents can help you avoid overspending or wasting product. 

As you get used to using specific products, choosing the right product for the job will become second nature. Learning about the uses for each product will help you become more familiar with them. The three main types of bird control cleaning agents provided by Bird Barrier are Dirty Bird, Microbial Bird Dropping Remover, and Dissolve-It. The products aren't bird-specific, but certain aspects of a job may help you choose which cleaner is most efficient. 

Dirty Bird

Ideal for use on any washable surface exposed to bird droppings, Dirty Bird quickly breaks down bird droppings for easy removal. It's packaged in a gallon container and mixed with water at a 4 to 1 ratio. Since one gallon makes five gallons of usable product, Dirty Bird is an excellent choice for large jobs and a popular bird control cleaning agent.

Microbial Bird Dropping Remover

When it comes to areas that require sanitization, Microbial Remover is essential. Typically, it's a good idea to sanitize the surface with Microbial Remover after removing bird droppings. Since the sanitizer doesn't require dilution, users often pair it with other products on large jobs. Microbial Remover works best on projects that carry a specific risk. For instance, when a client is preparing to install HVAC systems, Microbial Bird Dropping Remover is a good choice to avoid the potential for toxic spores to be carried into the HVAC ducts and ventilation system.


Stubborn caked-on droppings need a strong solution for removal. Dissolve-It comes in a gallon container. It's diluted at a 1 to 1 ratio with water. While Dirty Bird has higher dilution potential, Dissolve-It can be more effective on tough jobs where buildup has accumulated over time. Dissolve-It contains an active enzyme that is specifically included to target the pheromone composition birds leave behind. When sprayed directly onto droppings and left for 15 minutes for reaction, Dissolve-It decomposes droppings for easy removal. Due to its effectiveness, Dissolve-It is the most popular cleaning agent from Bird Barrier.

Try a Test for Accurate Estimation

When you're facing a large cleanup job, it can be challenging to estimate the amount of product you'll need. If you're feeling clueless, an area test will help. Since cleaners aren't bird-specific, it's easy to have a gallon of product on hand when you inspect a job site. The amount of product you need will depend on the thickness of the bird droppings on the surface you're cleaning. Use a gallon of cleaner to see how far it will go. Then you can accurately estimate the amount of cleaning agent required to complete the job.

Additional Tips for Efficient Use of Bird Control Cleaning Agents

A dirty ocean dock that needs expert cleaning and bird control

There are a variety of reasons your customers might be concerned about the use of cleaning agents around their home or business. Taking the time to learn the facts about the products you use will help you explain the cleaning process to your clients. Use these tips to help your customers feel more relaxed about the use of bird control cleaning agents for effective cleaning and better control of pest bird infestations.

  • Explain the dangers of disease from bird droppings to your customers so they can better understand the reason for thorough cleaning processes.
  • Always follow the exact instructions for your chosen cleaning agent.
  • Dissolve-It is USDA accepted and environmentally safe. You can safely pour it over droppings and into drains, trash cans, sewers, and grease traps. 
  • You shouldn't simply wash away large volumes of waste. It must be scooped up, removed in bags, and properly disposed of according to local regulations.
  • Explain the long-term effects of bird dropping buildup on the surfaces of building structures and patio furniture. The cleaners don't damage these surfaces; they expose the damage that has occurred from the high uric acid concentration in bird droppings.
  • Everyone in the cleaning area must wear proper PPE gear.
  • You may need to use cleaning agents multiple times when removing thick layers of droppings. Always use enough cleaner to keep droppings thoroughly wet.
  • A final washing will be required to remove stubborn waste after scooping is complete.
  • It's important to clean the area around a building after bird waste removal to avoid contamination from runoff.

We also have a full class specifically on how to properly clean up bird control messes. View it below.

Grow Your Bird Control Business With the Right Products and Support

The use of bird control cleaning agents is an important part of effective bird control. Understanding the products you use during the cleaning process will help you complete the job effectively and choose the best cleaning agent for the job. To learn more about bird control certification, products, and ways to effectively improve and grow your bird control business, get in touch with the bird control experts at Bird Barrier today. 

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