Finding Trust in New Technology Solutions for Bird Control

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Large flock of birds deterred by new technology solutions for bird controlFor decades, pest birds have caused significant damage to crops, commercial buildings, warehouse supplies, public recreation areas, personal property, and more. The bird control industry has continually developed new technology solutions for bird control and installed these products. The goal is to help property owners overcome these issues and better protect their property and the individuals who use it. 

But new products aren't always welcomed or trusted by property owners — or even by bird control specialists. Tried-and-true products like bird spikes, shock wire, and netting can be very effective. But new technology can often achieve a primary goal more efficiently. When experts recommend new technology solutions for bird control, a clear explanation can help build trust.

Top New Technology Solutions for Bird Control

Across all industries, technology offers new solutions for old problems. The bird control industry is no exception. Two main products stand out as innovators that changed the industry and how professionals solve bird problems: Eagle Eye and Optical Gel. 

While they are very different products, both Eagle Eye and Optical Gel depend on the reflection of UV rays to deter birds from specific areas. The unique ways each product works can help to determine which solution is suitable for an individual or business. 

Eagle Eye

Designed to be used as an early deterrent for open spaces, Eagle Eye is the first product that successfully keeps birds 150 feet away from a building. It's designed for when a heavy bird pressure situation is not already in progress. The solution is a system of devices that work in tandem with each other to create an airspace deterrent. Eagle Eye works to divert birds as they approach by reflecting sunlight in a pattern that makes birds feel threatened while in flight.

Optical Gel

A multi-sensory deterrent designed to deter birds from landing and roosting, Optical Gel is a highly effective product that reflects UV rays to create an optical illusion along with other smell and touch deterrent properties. The product is a small dish containing natural materials like citronella, peppermint oil, agar, and beeswax. The Optical Gel disc is currently the only tested and proven bird repellent that is high-pressure, multi-sensory, and professional-grade. It is classified as GRAS (Generally Regarded as Safe) and contains no pesticides.

Why Use New Technology Solutions for Bird Control?

Pigeons that need new technology solutions for bird control to remove themAs a bird control specialist, it's important to have the confidence to offer recommendations that will best meet a customer's needs. However, describing how new products can be more effective and efficient can be challenging. 

For property owners who have always depended on spikes, netting, or another exclusionary product, newer solutions can seem like a gimmick that is likely to fail. Even seasoned professionals can have difficulty trusting new technology. But both Eagle Eye and Optical Gel have properties that other solutions lack.

To understand why these products are worth using, it's important to understand how they accomplish the critical goal of pest bird deterrence. Eagle Eye is a long-range product. It deters birds by reflecting sunlight to create flashes of light in a menacing pattern. Optical Gel is a close-range deterrent with exclusionary properties; it reflects sunlight back toward birds within a foot of the product.

Why Reflection Effectively Deters Birds

Optical Gel and Eagle Eye are different solutions that work best in different situations. But they both depend on the reflection of sunlight as a primary deterrent. Birds aren't afraid of sunlight; however, the patterns created by sunlight mimic specific threats that birds experience in their natural habitats. 

There are common descriptions used to describe how birds see the optical illusions created by Eagle Eye and Optical Gel. It's suggested that Eagle Eye distributes reflections and related shadows in a way that resembles what birds see when a predator is above them during flight. The common description for Optical Gel suggests that birds see it as flames or smoke. Unfortunately, these descriptions can make the usefulness of such a product seem even less believable.

The truth is, there's no way to know how birds comprehend different reflections of the sun's rays. What we do know is that reflections disorient birds in flight. When the sun's rays are reflected from these products, birds come into direct contact with UV rays that irritate their eyes. This makes them change course. As a result, the bird no longer sees a large area or a specific ledge as an attractive place to visit or make their home.

New Tools With Improved Results

Time-tested exclusionary products like spikes and netting still provide the same effective bird control they've always offered. However, in certain situations, new technology used alone or combined with other methods provides a more cost-effective, thorough solution. 

A major benefit of both Eagle Eye and Optical Gel is that both products deter birds in flight. In other words, property owners can finally stop a pest bird problem before it begins. This is significant because it drastically reduces the costs related to damage from pest birds. 

The one caveat that goes alongside this benefit is that a reflective solution alone will offer limited effectiveness in heavy bird pressure situations where birds are already nesting. However, Optical Gel takes deterrence another step forward with its multi-sensory capabilities. The smell and sticky texture are also unpleasant to birds, not just the sight of it. Optical Gel is approved for all bird pressure situations. It also provides a 100% efficacy rate when properly installed.

Overcoming Customer Hesitance

When property owners are reluctant to try new solutions, it's not necessarily wrong to install traditional solutions that will effectively solve the problem. However, it is important to inform customers of the potential improved benefits of trying these new products. Both Eagle Eye and Optical Gel provide property owners with aesthetically pleasing solutions that not only work very well but also provide a complete solution without ever bringing attention to the fact that a problem ever existed. 

When it comes to effective pest bird control solutions, an informed decision is always the best decision. For pest control specialists, beginning each project armed with the right knowledge is critical to providing the best service possible. To learn more about a variety of bird control solutions or to get answers to all your questions about new technology solutions for bird control, get in touch with the experts at Bird Barrier.

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