How Bird Nets Can Help With Bird Control

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Property owners know that birds can sometimes be a problem. They may build their nests in inconvenient places and can cause damage to your property. If you've noticed problematic birds, you may already know how tough they are to get rid of. Luckily, there are a few solutions, including bird nets. Read on to learn more about bird nets and how they can help solve your bird problems. 

What Problems Do Birds Cause for Property Owners?

If you've ever had a bird problem on your property, you may be aware of the problems they can cause. Here are some of the main issues property owners encounter when birds flock, gather or nest nearby:

Damage to the roof: Birds may nest on a roof, leaving behind droppings and debris. Bird droppings are acidic and can cause issues if not cleaned up promptly. 
  • • Clogged gutters: When birds build their nests in or near gutters, they can clog them with sticks, leaves, mud, and debris. Clogged gutters can be problematic and lead to flooding when your gutters can't function properly. 
  • • Noise: If you've ever woken up to the sound of birds singing at 3 a.m., you know that birds can be loud. When you have more than just a few on your property, it goes from being a minor annoyance to a huge problem.
  • • Aggression: Nesting birds can be aggressive and will dive at people who get too close.
  • • Damage to plants and crops: Gardeners or farmers will tell you that a flock of birds can wipe out an entire field of crops in a matter of hours. 
  • • Droppings: One of the biggest problems with birds is their droppings. A flock of birds can leave behind a massive mess that will create a slipping hazard and a public health risk. When dry, these droppings can cause respiratory problems. It's important to clean them up promptly.
  • • Disease: Birds spread parasites and disease, so you want to keep them as far from the public as possible.

It's easy to see that birds, even in small numbers, can cause a serious problem. This is a problem that can be notoriously difficult to deal with. Birds may return to the same nesting sites year after year, bringing along large numbers of friends. 

What Kinds of Birds Cause Problems?

While some species of birds are relatively harmless, many species are infamous for the issues they cause. Here are a few of the biggest culprits:

  • • Starlings: Starlings flock in huge flocks, sometimes made up of thousands of individuals 
  • • Crows: Crows are quite clever and often don't respond to traditional pest control methods
  • • Pigeons: Pigeons tend to flock in populated areas like cities, and their droppings are a big problem.
  • • Woodpeckers: If you have a few woodpeckers on your property, their constant hammering can be maddening. They may also cause structural damage to wooden buildings. 

There are dozens of other species that can cause problems, depending on what part of the country you may live in. Luckily, bird netting works for every type of bird. It's a universal and easy-to-use solution. 

How Can Bird Nets Prevent Bird Trouble?

Bird nets protecting a balcony garden

Bird netting can be placed over open areas or on roof spaces where you don't want birds to enter. For example, if you own a barn or warehouse with open windows or panels, you can place bird netting over that space to prevent birds from entering. Bird netting is a type of mesh that is affordable and easy to maintain for property owners. Depending on what type of birds you're protecting the space from, there are different types of bird netting to meet your needs. 

Bird netting can also be used by farmers or gardeners to cover their precious crops. Anyone who has grown produce knows how little time it takes for a flock of birds to destroy their hard work. Bird netting can prevent birds from landing, entering, and nesting in certain areas. 

Depending on the application, you'll need to choose between permanent and removable bird netting. Below, we'll discuss each type in detail to help you learn which is right for you. 

What Are Permanent Bird Nets?

Permanent bird nets are made from a heavy-duty mesh material that can withstand tough weather conditions. Permanent bird nets can be installed once and will last for years. Installing permanent bird nets can be a little complicated. So it's a great idea to set some time aside for installation. Permanent bird netting is a great option for people who want to protect their property like barns, warehouses, solar panels, and gutters from invasive, destructive birds. 

Permanent bird nets like StealthNet bird netting are a cost-effective way to deal with a bird problem. This product comes in a variety of sizes so you can protect yourself against birds both large and small, including crows, pigeons, starlings, and more. StealthNet comes in a variety of shades so you can match the shade to make it nearly invisible. 

What Are Removable Bird Nets?

If you want to protect an area temporarily or seasonally, a removable bird net might be a good solution for your bird issues. Netting like Mist Net is easy to put up and take down so you can use it in multiple locations or as needed. This is a quick and easy way to deter birds from nesting, roosting, and flocking on your property. 

Both permanent and removable bird nets will make your property less attractive to pest birds. This means you can worry less about an infestation. They're an affordable way to prevent the damage, mess, noise, and health risks that birds bring with them. 

If you want to learn more about how to prevent bird infestations or want to find the right product for you, Bird Barrier is here to help. We have years of experience handling bird problems and have a wide variety of bird deterrents and repellents to choose from. Contact us to learn more about how we can help!

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