How to Avoid Bird Damage to Your Home or Business

Posted by Bird Barrier on Jan 11, 2021 11:30:00 AM

Robin nesting in a homes vent

Birds seem small and harmless as long as they're not leaving droppings on your car. Unfortunately, if birds use your home or commercial building as their home, they can create a mess and even damage your structure. The natural nesting behavior of birds make gutters, roofs, and building ledges attractive spaces to build a home. Sometimes, birds even seek ways to get inside your attic, outdoor buildings, or commercial buildings. This bird behavior can lead to significant costly damage to your home or business.

3 Ways to Avoid Bird Damage to Your Home

Birds can cause damage to your home in multiple different ways. If you have birds roosting on or near your home, you've likely noticed they leave unsightly piles of droppings behind. Bird droppings aren't only messy. They corrode concrete, paint, and metal, leading to exterior home damage and even leaky roofs. When birds choose your gutters as a place to build a nest, you can end up with a gutter system clogged with feathers and nesting materials. Even worse, birds sometimes find access to your attic or nest in your dryer vents, leading to damage inside your home. Luckily, there are products that can help you deter birds from using your home as a nesting ground.

1. Use Visual Deterrents to Prevent Bird Nesting

Prevention is always an easier solution than removal. When used before birds begin nesting on or around your home, visual deterrents can eliminate problems before they occur. Visual deterrents work best when used early and should be combined with the removal of food sources.

For example, decoy owls that are moved frequently mimic predators. Holographic devices, balloons, and lasers also mimic moving threats that deter birds from choosing your space for their nesting ground.

2. Multi-Sensory Deterrents Convince Birds to Leave the Area

Optical gel is a combination deterrent that affects birds in a variety of ways. This easy-to-use deterrent convinces birds to stop landing on the surfaces of your home by attacking their sense of sight, smell, and feel. Getting rid of birds that have already inhabited the area is a lot more difficult than scaring them before they take up residence. 

Optical gel dishes simply need to be opened and placed on the surfaces where birds roost. They provide a frightening visual similar to smoke or fire, provide a strong citronella and peppermint odor, and irritate birds if they actually land and make contact with the gel.

3. Prevention Methods Keep Birds Out of Your Home

Birds use openings like solar panels, dryer vents, and roof damage for safe harbor and even entry into your home. Using specific products designed to protect the areas that attract birds can help you eliminate the resulting damage that can occur. Solar panel protection is a system designed to protect solar panels so birds and other creatures can't get under solar panels to damage your roof or the working parts of your solar panels. Vent guards prevent birds from accessing your dryer vents to create a nesting area that can create a fire hazard.  

3 Ways to Avoid Bird Damage to Your Business

Dove inside a commercial warehouse

When birds make your commercial property their home, they can cause damage to your building, your products, and the outdoor space used by your customers. Frightening birds away from a commercial property is a major undertaking. Commercial buildings offer birds a variety of attractive nesting and roosting spots where common predators are easy to spot. Using a combination of deterrents and scare tactics can help you protect your commercial property from bird damage.

1. Eliminate Landing Spots

Ledges, gutters, rooftops, signs, and awnings provide attractive areas for birds to perch. These high areas make it impossible for property owners to use traditional scare tactics, but you can make these spots uncomfortable or even impossible to land on. 

Spike kits create an uncomfortable surface on signs, roof peaks, and ledges that birds will quickly learn to avoid. Bird slides protect ledges by creating an angled surface that makes it impossible for birds to get a grip. These slides can be glued to any surface and painted to match your building's exterior.

2. Keep Birds Out of Commercial Structures

When birds gain entry to your commercial building, they can cause considerable damage. Birds create nests out of highly flammable materials, they often carry parasites, and their droppings can harbor a variety of diseases. Birds that access storage buildings or warehouses can also damage products and eat or contaminate stored food products. Removing birds once they get inside your commercial building can be extremely difficult. That's why prevention techniques are the most effective solutions.

Sealing entry points is the most effective way to avoid the damage birds can do inside your building. Bird netting can be used in virtually any semi-enclosed area to keep birds away from the areas where they try to roost. Bird control netting works to keep all species of birds out of your building or structure because it's available in a variety of mesh sizes.

3. Protect Pipes and Railings

Birds frequently use railings and pipes inside parking structures and on high-rise balconies as a roosting spot. Birds of all sizes like railings for their protection factor and the excellent viewpoint. Unfortunately, this can lead to damage from bird droppings to your building's exterior or your customers' vehicles.

Protecting these surfaces can seem difficult, but the right targeted products can help. There are a few great options to protect your pipes and railings from medium and large birds that usually perch in and around commercial structures. 

Bird wire is a discreet option that provides an unstable landing area that birds will quickly learn to avoid. If you're dealing with large bird species like hawks, then a tower guard may be a more effective solution. Not only does it create an unstable landing surface, but it also provides a visual deterrent to birds. Spikes can also be used on rails, but it's important to consider how humans use these rails when finding a suitable solution.

Prevention is the best way to avoid the costs of bird damage. Once birds take up residence at your home or business, convincing them to leave is considerably more difficult. It's not always easy to avoid bird damage to your home or building. But with the right solutions, it is possible. To learn more about deterring problem birds and preventing bird damage, get in touch with the bird control experts at Bird Barrier. Our friendly team is always available to answer questions and help you find solutions to your unique bird issues.

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