How to Get Rid of Birds at Your Home or Business: 8 Bird Control Ideas

Posted by Bird Barrier on Jan 25, 2021 11:30:00 AM

A large group of pest birds on a commercial lawn

As pretty as birds are to observe in your garden, their high-pitched calls and drumming can be quite disruptive. Pest birds are troublemakers around both residential and commercial buildings. They can damage landscaping, wooden structures, and even metal roofs, and they leave behind nasty and toxic droppings on your premises. If you are having issues with hordes of birds overtaking your property, then we have safe solutions for how to get rid of birds. Try some of these methods to get started:

1. Install Bird Netting on Your Commercial Properties

Bird droppings, nesting materials, and physically harmful noises highly compromise your business environment. The nesting and roosting sites are nasty and pose major health risks to the occupants of the building.

Bird netting provides a discreet yet effective method to get rid of birds. The nets prevent birds from infesting your commercial space. Our StealthNet Bird Netting 100% removes birds from your premises.

The versatile bird control solution creates a permanent barrier for all bird species without physically harming them. Our manufacturers craft the product with robust polyethylene twine material, which creates an impassable barrier. The craftsmanship of the product ensures that it deters different species of birds. Depending on the pest birds infesting your property, we provide a wide array of mesh sizes to suit each situation.

2. Implement Audio Deterrents to Get Rid of Birds

What better way to deter the troublemakers than the use of mimicking devices? The devices are specifically crafted to discourage birds from living on your property. The eco-friendly devices have intelligent features that produce predatory calls and unique distress signals to scare away birds.

The frequency this device produces is above the human range and disorients birds situated within the range of the devices. The devices are straightforward to install and use, and they require little maintenance.

3. Invest in Bird Spikes

Building with bird deterrent spikes to get rid of birds

Bird spikes contain long needle-like rods that deter birds from protected surfaces. The spikes are tremendously uncomfortable for the birds and will keep them away from home or business space. Birds can also be discouraged from roosting, nesting, or pooping on balconies, rooftops, windows, or garage doors.

Our Bird-Flite spikes are useful in the following ways:

  • They make the area a bird-free zone.
  • Since they are crafted with heavy-duty materials, they offer long-lasting durability.
  • These spikes deter unwanted pest birds such as pigeons, gulls, and crows, among others.

However, the anti-bird spikes might not be effective for smaller birds; the spikes might even provide a conducive surface for the smaller birds to perch. So it's important to consider incorporating another approach.

4. Try Easy-to-Install Reflective Materials

Arguably, the birds' mindset can be manipulated through various practices. Reflective materials scare birds and discourage them from nesting in your space. Hanging mirrors or shiny objects on your property deters the birds and creates fear.

Using their instinctive fear of reflective surfaces is a smart method to get rid of birds. Other effective methods you can consider incorporating include:

  • Optical Gels: These products mimic fire or smoke signals, which intimidate the birds trying to land or roost on your building. You can install the optical gels on the rooftops or edges of buildings to deter them.
  • Spinning Propellers: They are quite efficient in controlling nuisance birds. Propellers made from metallic materials are even more effective — the movement and bright reflection will discourage birds from landing on your buildings.
  • Flash Tapes: The reflective and extremely shiny materials create a visual obstruction that scares the notorious birds. The tapes also produce disturbing noises that annoy the birds and discourage them from nesting on your premises.

5. Create an Unfavorable Environment

Birds are fascinating animals, and even though they’re wild animals, they often prefer living in commercial and residential buildings. The warmth, comfort, and security the spaces offer encourage them to nest and roost in these properties.

One primary way to remove the annoying creatures is by creating disagreeable surfaces. Products like electrical spikes, fake predators, bird spikes, and slopes discourage the pest birds from roosting in your home or business space. You can combine different bird deterrent methods for effective results and, ultimately, 100% removal of the birds.

6. Frequently Remove Trash From Your Residential or Commercial Space

Dumpsters and trashcans hold food waste materials that birds like to feed on. If you eliminate the food waste in your residential spaces, then the birds won’t have a convenient food source. Consequently, they are more likely to refrain from nesting on your property.

You can also consider placing dumpsters away from your property to minimize the bird infestation problem. Covering the trash cans is also an easy method for keeping birds away. 

7. Create an Unstable Landing Surface

If your property’s rooftops, balconies, or building ledges have unstable landing spaces, then birds will refrain from approaching such 'high-risk' areas. Our Birdwire product is a low-profile system that discourages birds from landing on buildings.

The GSA-approved product is crafted with stainless steel, so the durability is unquestionable. The spring-tensioned system creates an uncomfortable space and deters birds from landing on various surfaces. You can conveniently install the Birdwire on:

  • Building ledges
  • Parapets
  • Pipes
  • Signs
  • Beams

The systems are effective for larger birds and work only for narrow spaces. However, smaller birds can roost and nest on the wires. To increase the effectiveness of the system, also include a low-voltage current that will repel all species of birds.

8. Apply Liquid Repellents

The products typically work by spreading a sticky and non-toxic product on the area you are safeguarding. The repellent products irritate the birds' feet, so they are forced to leave the area. The products discourage birds from roosting, landing, climbing, or nesting on residential or commercial buildings.

For the repellents to be effective, apply them on heavily infested areas of your home or business. Essentially, the birds will find an alternative nesting region.

Hordes of birds living on your property pose the threat of spreading noxious diseases and destroying products and building materials. Incorporating eco-friendly bird deterrents products is paramount to deter the birds from your surrounding environment. Ultimately, if you are proactive in preventing the nesting and roosting of birds, then you will achieve a bird-free environment. For more insights on how to get rid of birds in your commercial or residential space, contact us!

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