How to Keep Birds from Nesting on Your Home or Business

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Adult robin feeding chicks in a nest

For many people, birds are a welcome addition to parks, yards, and other outdoor spaces. Unfortunately, there are a variety of reasons that the presence of certain birds can become unpleasant, or even harmful, to your home or business. When birds are feeding or simply flying about, they're enjoyable to observe and hear. For bird watchers, a nearby nest can provide an opportunity to see fledgling birds explore their surroundings for the first time. However, when nests are poorly placed, they can become a big problem for your home or business property. Continue reading for information about how to keep birds from nesting on your property.

Nesting Birds Around Your Home

Many homeowners enjoy the presence of different bird types and even place bird feeders to encourage native birds to visit. But you can't control what types of birds arrive or the behaviors that follow. There are many bird species in most areas, and each behaves differently while nesting. Furthermore, when birds search for a safe space to build their home, it's not always the best option for your home. 

For instance, the cost of damage to homes from one woodpecker incident is estimated to cost around $300 for repairs. Unfortunately, all types of nesting birds can cause expensive damage to homes. This can include the costs of repairing damaged solar panels. You may also have to replace insulation when birds access your attic or ceilings through damage done to your home's soffits or roof.

Even if you're an avid bird watcher, there are many reasons you may wish to avoid nesting birds around your home. Those include:

• Messy nests that leave droppings, feathers, and nesting materials on your home or porch

• Invasive species that take over the territories of native birds

• Damage to solar panels, attics, or roof eaves

• Aggressive bird parents that attempt to attack your family or visitors when passing through

• Nests built in unsafe areas like dryer vents, chimneys, or your cat's favorite hunting spot

• Neighborhood restrictions that require you to eliminate unsightly debris from around your home

How to Keep Birds From Nesting Near Your Home

Nesting birds are determined creatures and create high pressure hold on a structure. After all, it's their job to find a safe home to raise chicks. When a human built structure causes this activity, the birds are then referred to as resident birds. Still, this doesn't mean you have to live with the nuisances and damage that resident birds can cause to your home or pay for the cost of damages afterward. 

Most homeowners are aware of the need to avoid an insect or rodent infestation before it begins. The same logic should be applied to nesting or resident birds. Once birds have chosen a spot they believe to be safe for nesting, it can be extremely difficult to convince them otherwise due to site imprinting. For this reason, specifically designed high pressure deterrents are the best way to avoid the expense and annoyance of nesting birds around your home. 

Deterrents are bird control devices  that frighten and safely relocate birds away before or after they build a nest on or near your home. Examples include:

  • • Multi-Sensory Optical Gel Disk: These disks use reflected UV light,  smell and touch components  to frighten birds away from a home, garden, business, or another type of property. They prevent and solve nesting in high pressure resident birds. They are also low profile and generally invisible from the ground. They are Eco Freindly and easy to install after specific bird cleaning treatment solution is used. 
  • • Preventive Architecture: Screen mesh or other mechanical construction materials are used to make it uncomfortable or impossible for birds to use attractive cavities for nesting spots. For your home, this might mean the use of netting to protect your garden or Bird Slide that make ledges or eaves too steep for birds to roost. 

Nesting Birds on Your Commercial Property

Birds nesting under an eave.

For commercial landowners, nesting birds can present even more difficulties than for homeowners. Birds roosting on signs or the ledges of tall buildings may seem like a minor inconvenience. But nesting birds create many challenges for business owners because they use the structure for a breeding nursery and become infested in high numbers. 

As a business owner, you want to keep your commercial property attractive and appealing to your customers, tenants, and guests. You're also responsible for the safety of individuals who use your property. Nesting birds can create a variety of appearance and safety issues that you hope to avoid. These are a few of the reasons many commercial property owners wish to avoid nesting birds.

  • • Costly damage to the building and your company brand image. 
  • • Potential lawsuits from customers injured by nesting birds or slip and fall accidents related to bird droppings
  • • Potential lawsuits from tenants experiencing property damage related to bird droppings
  • • Poor nesting areas where birds can easily be injured
  • • Birds entering warehouses or storage units and destroying inventory
  • • Insect infestations from pests carried by birds

How to Keep Birds From Nesting on Your Commercial Property

Business owners lose millions of dollars each year due to bird damage. Nesting birds can cause more issues than other birds for commercial property owners due to laws designed to protect wild birds. Once a nest exists and is in use by protected species, it's too late to remove the offenders from your commercial building or landscape until the nest becomes dormant. So it's vital to avoid nesting behavior before it begins. 

Determining how to keep birds from nesting on your commercial property can be difficult. Commercial buildings are often large and provide many safe nesting spots for birds. However, with the right solutions to direct problem birds away, you can prevent nesting birds from causing expensive damage to your commercial property.

Professional bird control with the use of deterrents can help you protect your business. Preventive architecture is often the most effective way to deter nesting birds from your business. Examples of bird deterrents often used on commercial buildings include:

  • • Bird Mesh or Netting: Nearly invisible, bird netting is typically used to prevent birds from entering structures completely before they infest. 
  • • Solar Panel Protection: This prevention kit eliminates the possibility of birds nesting under solar panels.
  • Bird Shock Flex Track: This prevention system uses solar powered electrical tracks to offer a mild memorable shock to eliminates the possibility of birds nesting or roosting on ledges.
  • Bird Slide: As described earlier creating a sloped angles can be a very simple solution using a long lasting specific material to solve or prevent nesting.
  • Optical Gel Multi-Sensory disk: also mentioned earlier even large bird problems are being solved using installs of this breakthrough technology. Projects can be done easily in affordable phases to rid facilities of birds. It’s long lasting and low cost. 

Final Thoughts on Protecting Your Property From Nesting Birds

The old saying about an ounce of prevention rings true for how to keep birds from nesting on your residential or commercial property. Convincing determined birds to leave your property after they've already built a nest is a challenge you may not want to face. However, eliminating areas that appeal to birds is a simple way to protect your home or business from the nuisance and dangers of nesting birds. For more information about all types of bird control solutions, contact the bird control experts at Bird Barrier.

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