How to Optimize Your Post-COVID Bird Control Sales Strategy

Posted by Bird Barrier on Aug 23, 2021 11:30:00 AM

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As organizations set up return-to-work protocols, finding bird and pest control solutions could be a priority area. The risks of pests increased during the closure periods. Bird and pest infestation may have also escalated in buildings that remained unmaintained and deteriorated. A robust post-COVID bird control strategy is essential for businesses looking to keep their property in good shape.

Bird control businesses can capitalize on the present circumstances while helping clients secure their facilities and keep unwanted visitors at bay. You can use diverse marketing options to get a fair share of the ballooning bird control market as a bird control business. Here are some options you could consider.

Online Marketing

The COVID-19 pandemic forced all kinds of businesses to rethink their business models. Companies that leveraged internet resources to market their products stood a better chance of making significant returns. Creating compelling and appealing ads for the internet could be an essential step to catch the eye of prospective clients and get them to ask about or purchase your bird control services.

Post-COVID bird control requires you to target a broader market and take essential steps to grow your online following. Ensure that your marketing team also leverages available client data to analyze your marketing initiatives. You may need to rethink your marketing strategy proactively to make a difference in the bird control business.  

You could also seek out online listings on Google maps, local city directories, or local newspaper websites to make your products visible to the world. While you’re at it, ensure that you keep in constant touch with your existing clients. They may be your best bet for finding new clients. With the right incentives, these clients can help to spread the word about your existence and bird services. 

Offer Proactive Bird Control Solutions

While some businesses appreciate the value of bird control projects, others are oblivious to these projects. Work on training your technicians to identify bird problems on buildings whenever they go out to support existing clients. You could also offer evaluation services that help clients appreciate their bird problems. With such services, you could help your clients mitigate the possibility of encountering bird infestation issues.  

Proactive post-COVID bird control initiatives will ensure that you get new clients with ease. Once your team identifies bird issues, they can work on reaching out to prospective clients. Some of the problems you can highlight include:

Health Risks

Inform your clients that bird droppings and nesting materials could carry ectoparasites and diseases that can affect people. Ventilation systems can also increase the spread of these disease-causing agents to people.

Cleanup Costs/Time

Regular bird dropping cleaning tasks can eat up most of your clients' resources and time. Highlight how your bird control solutions can save them time and money in the long run while minimizing the health risks associated with pest infestation. 

Clogged Drains

Bird droppings can clog drains and gutters, causing all sorts of problems on roofs. Break down how your bird control solutions can help minimize nesting materials and bird droppings, keeping their roofs in excellent condition. 

Property Damage

Remind your clients that bird droppings can corrode building materials and leave annoying stains on fabrics. If the droppings remain behind long enough, your clients might need to restore or repair affected building materials. Besides, bird droppings are unattractive features for businesses and homes. Inform prospective clients that your bird control solutions can help minimize property devaluation resulting from bird droppings or nests. 

Creating free guides regarding the dangers of uncontrolled bird invasions and possible mitigation steps could be an essential point to start from. Also, leave behind an informational sheet to help prospective clients know how your bird control services can resolve their issues. Ensure that you provide communication channels they can use to get in touch with your team. 

Create a Blog About Bird Control

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In today's digital era, clients and consumers rely on the internet for information regarding bird control. Set up an informative blog that highlights issues concerning bird control and offers solutions for your clients. An influential blog will direct traffic to your website and boost your performance across different search engines. 

Create informative articles that highlight common bird problems in your service area. Also, create educational materials about the value of post-COVID bird control. Let your readers know that you can offer support in mitigating such issues and preventing their recurrence. Link relevant keywords back to your website and watch your following grow as you make an impact in your market.

Ensure that your blogs provide bird-specific information that targets specific markets. Alternatively, you could elaborate on specific bird control solutions. But avoid the temptation of creating regurgitated information that may put off your clients. 

You could also work on creating informative newsletters that highlight emerging and potential pest control challenges. Be sure to provide viable solutions to such issues, highlighting how your business can make a difference to clients from all walks of life. 

Leverage Social Media Platforms

Spread the word concerning your post-COVID bird control projects on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter. Social media platforms will help you engage closely and efficiently with existing and potential clients. Organize live sessions where you get to answer concerns and questions surrounding bird control projects. Use these sessions to build lasting relationships with prospective and existing clients. 

These platforms are also ideal for any business that looks to keep its products in clients' minds. Consider working on short educational videos where you break down your pest control implementation strategy. Video marketing could also help you clarify client concerns and lay bare everything a client needs to leverage your bird control solutions. 

Boost Your Sales With Sound Bird Control Sales Strategies

Are you looking to boost your sales from post-COVID bird control projects? Create a robust marketing strategy that will appeal to clients and draw a consistent following. Exploit some of the techniques mentioned above and boost your returns. 

As you reach out to clients, ensure that you deliver personalized solutions that match your clients' specific needs. Always work hand-in-hand with your clients to create customized bird control solutions. Contact us to learn more about optimizing your bird control project sales. 

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