What Information Do I Need to Get an Accurate Quote From Bird Barrier?

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Bird control expert estimating materials before getting a quote from Bird Barrier

When you take on a bird control job, it's your responsibility to give your customer an accurate quote. To accomplish this, you need to correctly predict the cost of the materials you need. This requires taking accurate measurements of the affected area and carefully choosing the materials that will provide the best protection. However, if you're missing information, you may end up paying more for materials than you expected. When this occurs, you're stuck asking for more money from your customers or paying the difference out of pocket.

As a reliable bird control specialist, you need a way to provide your customers with accurate quotes. If you expect to grow your business, you also need to avoid spending money out of pocket on materials. The key to an accurate materials quote from Bird Barrier is to ensure you have a significant amount of detailed information.

What Information Do I Need for an Accurate Quote on Netting Products?

Netting is a great way to protect commercial buildings and homes against a variety of pest birds. Planning a project with netting products requires precise measurements and other crucial information about the building and the area you're trying to protect. 

To get the most accurate quote from Bird Barrier on netting products for a specific bird control project, you should have this information on hand:

Building Materials

Buildings are made of a variety of building materials. Applying bird control products to a commercial building often requires you to attach hardware to multiple surface types (substrates). Common substrates you may encounter on a commercial building include brick, aluminum, steel, EIFS board, wood, and concrete. To get an accurate quote from Bird Barrier, it is best to know each of the substrates you're working with to price the correct hardware for that building material.


Bird netting attaches to a cable to cover a designated area. To ensure you get the right quote and purchase enough netting to provide adequate coverage, it's essential to take precise measurements that include the length and width of the area to be covered, as well as any other measurements that apply.


When it comes to a new project, it's essential to consider the tools you have on hand and whether you'll need additional tools to complete the project in question. For instance, bird netting attaches to a cable with rings or staples placed less than two inches apart. This means a single commercial awning can require 6,000 rings.  If you're accustomed to using a hand ring tool for smaller projects, then you might need to consider upgrading to a pneumatic ring tool for a large commercial job. 

Bird Species

Bird netting comes in a variety of sizes with openings that range from 3/4 inch to 2 inches. When you're dealing with multiple bird species, purchasing bird netting with the smallest openings will be the most effective deterrent. However, it is also more expensive. On many commercial projects, pigeons are the main concern. When the pest birds in the area are larger birds, it can be more cost-effective to choose netting with larger openings.

What Information Do I Need for an Accurate Quote on Ledge Products?

A ledge with pest bird control spikes

Birds are attracted to ledges for nesting and roosting. Different types of ledges attract birds in different ways. In order to get an accurate quote on effective ledge products for bird control, you'll need specific information about the ledges in question, as well as measurements and information about the surrounding area. 

To get the most accurate quote from Bird Barrier for ledge control products for a specific bird control project, you should have this information available:

Ledge Details

Buildings have a variety of different types of ledges that offer birds a sheltered nesting or roosting spot. To effectively protect these areas, you'll need to provide as much information as possible about the types of ledges that need protection. You also need to know about access points and surrounding details. When seeking an accurate quote from Bird Barrier for ledge products, include these details about the ledges.

  1. Ledge Width: Spikes come in three different widths, and a wider ledge might need multiple rows of Flex Track.
  2. Access Points: Ledges that are against a building are only open on one side. Open ledges are free-standing and allow birds to enter from both sides. Open ledges require more of a product for comprehensive protection.
  3. Coverage: Sheltered ledges offer great nesting areas and are more likely to be a heavy bird pressure area. Spikes are typically a poor choice for sheltered ledges.
  4. Aesthetics: The appearance of any building is important. While most bird control products are reasonably low-profile, some are practically invisible. Consider how visible bird control products will be from the ground and from building windows.

Environmental Factors

Buildings in commercial areas are subject to several environmental factors that can impact the effectiveness of certain products. Consider the ways airborne dust or other particles from a commercial factory can affect Optical Gel and Flex Track. Additionally, if you're located in an area that sees long winters with considerable amounts of snow and ice, then lower-profile products may spend most of the year covered, making them ineffective.

Bird Species

No matter what type of project you face, bird species is always a factor. The length of a bird's legs or even its small size can render certain ledge products useless. By learning more about the types of pest birds in the area, you're more likely to produce successful results and get accurate product quotes. 

It's Easy to Get an Accurate Quote From Bird Barrier

For any project, the more information you can gather, the more likely you are to get a completely accurate quote for your supplies. No matter how much experience you have, pictures are always a useful addition to written details. The bird control experts at Bird Barrier have been supplying companies with effective bird control products and educational classes for nearly three decades. Our website offers convenient online options for choosing the products you need and getting a quick quote. However, if you're unsure about a new project or the amount of product you need for adequate coverage, then give us a call and learn from our expert staff.

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