5 Reasons to Expand Your Pest Control Business With Bird Control

Posted by Bird Barrier on May 3, 2021 11:30:00 AM

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Your pest control company provides valuable services for local businesses and homeowners. By helping your customers get rid of pests, you help eliminate the risks of infection, filth, parasites, and disease. But sometimes, customers may ask for services you're not equipped to provide. While you may be able to offer a referral, it's not the same as having the ability to supply your customers with the services they need. So if you’re sending customers away, it’s time to expand your pest control business. Bird control is an essential service for many urban and rural businesses and homeowners, but it's not provided by all pest control companies. 

Why Bird Control Is the Next Step for Your Pest Control Business

As a business owner who cares about your customers, you want to provide the services they seek. However, it can be difficult to invest in the training and tools necessary to include a new service. Bird control is different. As business owners, consumers, and farmers learn about the dangers of diseases that birds can carry, demand for services is growing. In fact, the bird repellent market size will probably reach $407.9 million by 2027. If customers have talked to you about bird control, then you may be considering adding the service to your existing line. Here are five reasons to take the plunge and expand your pest control business with bird control.

1. Provide Your Existing Customers With a Complete Line of Pest Control Services

For many businesses, convenience is key to getting things done. As a pest control specialist, you can help your customers save time and money by providing all the services they require. You may have a referral you can provide. But your customers will still need to contact another professional service and start a new schedule. Even worse, if your competitors provide bird control along with the services you already provide, then your customers could eliminate you from the equation.

Your returning customers are the most valuable asset to your business. Returning their loyalty by providing the most comprehensive line of services you can is simply good business. When you have happy customers, they become natural ambassadors for your company. Furthermore, if bird control isn't widely utilized in your area, then you could quickly become an industry leader.

2. Attract New Customers to Your Business

Businesses have dealt with the messes and aggravation caused by pest birds for a long time. But many business owners have only recently learned about the numerous diseases that can be spread by birds. Birds can spread over 60 diseases. As if that's not enough to worry about, birds have also been known to spread parasites and create unsafe work environments. Awareness of the dangers of pest birds has business owners and homeowners seeking the services they need to protect their customers and families. By investing in the addition of bird control, you can be at the top of the list for customers seeking new services. These new customers may also want to invest in your other services.

3. You Can Utilize Tools You Already Have to Expand Your Pest Control Business

As a pest control specialist, you've already made significant investments in tools that allow you to access different areas in and around the buildings you service. For your clients who are already facing the expensive effects of having buildings, structures, and parks defaced and damaged by pest birds, the jump to bird control is an obvious connection. It's time for you to consider this connection, as well. You already have access to special lifts and other equipment. So you've already eliminated some of the major expenses of implementing bird control services.

4. Training Is Convenient

Success in bird control often comes down to education, strategy, and carefully chosen tools of the trade. This means you can access convenient, fast training options for every member of your team. Take the first steps to expand your pest control company with bird control. Start learning about the regulations in your area. 

Bird control training classes and certification can be found online and even scheduled to suit your personal preferences. With as little as one day of training and a small investment, you can be ready to expand your business with a new service your customers are already seeking. Tools and procedures for bird control are continually evolving, making the job easier than ever before.

5. Help Businesses and Homeowners Utilize Proper, Humane Bird Control Methods

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While some pest control services deal with dangerous chemicals, it's vital that bird control is a humane service. Regulations surrounding bird control exist in every state in the U.S. For business owners and homeowners, learning these regulations and using humane bird control methods may be difficult. Killing, trapping, and poisoning wild birds is an illegal practice. If there is a lack of bird control specialists in your area, then local businesses and residents have a tough choice. They may be living with the problem or possibly breaking laws by attempting to deal with pest birds themselves. 

But regulations and laws surrounding bird control are only one side of the equation. If you're dealing with pest birds defacing your property, then it may be difficult to appreciate birds for the beauty and service they provide. Birds add beauty to the outdoors. They also help regulate the insect population and are active pollinators. The benefits that birds in the wild provide far outweigh the damage caused in urban and residential areas. Effective bird control is about deterrence, not extermination. By providing these measures in your area, you're helping maintain a healthy bird population and an improved ecosystem.

Expand Your Pest Control Business

There are many reasons to expand your pest control business by adding bird control. If your current customers have asked you about implementing bird control, then you know the need exists in your area. As demand continues to rise, this is a great opportunity for you. Grow your business by investing in a learning opportunity that will serve you well into the future. To learn more about bird control training and the ways you can expand your business, check out our training classes. You can also visit the Bird Barrier blog. Get in touch with our bird control specialists to have your questions answered or schedule your first training session so you can expand your pest control business.

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